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    If Your Favorite Show Had An Anime Intro

    Cue thrashy guitars and punched-up vocals.

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    1. Let's be real, the cast of Friends would form the ultimate high school host club.

    2. The Doctor might trade his Tardis for The Bebop and have a genius corgi as his companion.

    3. The Real Housewives would be about sisterhood AND spiral power.

    4. Skye from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would have a power level over 9,000.

    5. Tracy or Jenna and the notebook from Death Note would be literally the most terrifying situation on television.

    6. And O’Reilly could definitely be a newscaster in the world of Light Yagami’s Death Note.

    7. Mad Men's Don Draper would still have massive mommy and daddy issues, just like Eren in Attack on Titan.

    8. Half of the characters from Game of Thrones would still be alive if they had Kirito's dual-wielding weapon skills from Sword Art Online.

    9. Modern Family would get even crazier if someone like Manny were granted the power of Geass.

    10. Lady Edith from Downton Abbey would be subbed out for a revenge-driven, telekenetic mutant from Elfen Lied.

    11. Sister Sister’s twins would have an epic, tragic sibling conflict like Domon Kasshu and Kyoji from G Gundam.

    12. The cast of The Office would have absurdly potent aquatic powers despite working mundane jobs, just like in Squid Girl.

    13. And Masterchef Junior would have this Hunter x Hunter theme for no discernible reason.

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