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This Is What DC Characters Look Like On TV Vs. Comic Books

So much leather. Big spoilers ahead!

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Barry Allen/The Flash

Barry's TV costume has a lot of similarities to the comics, but it's overall mostly been toned down. Instead of the smooth bright red, Barry's TV costume is ribbed and leathery. And while there are still lightning bolts on the costume, they're not quite as striking.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Green Arrow has had lot of costumes in the comics, and his TV counterpart is no different. The biggest difference is that the most consistent element for Green Arrow in the comics is his pointy blonde Van Dyke beard, whereas in the TV show, it's the hood. The TV show has also toned down the overall palette and amped up the texture, just like with the Flash.


Roy Harper/Arsenal

Roy Harper has held many names in the comics — Speedy, Arsenal, and Red Arrow to name a few — but his basic characteristics are that he's a hot-headed ward of Oliver Queen. Again, he wears much brighter colors in the comics. Unlike Oliver, comic Roy rarely wears a hood.



Firestorm has historically been the identity of many different characters. Jax is a character pretty much made for TV, although Ronnie and Stein exist in the comics. The costume looks far more metallic in the TV show. It's still pretty campy though.

Ray Palmer/The Atom

The Atom was initially supposed to be Blue Beetle, so it's no surprise that the TV show Atom is very different from the original. TV show Ray is basically Iron Man for a significant portion of Arrow, whereas in the comics his main power is shrinking, without a robot exoskeleton.

Hunter Zolomon/Zoom

Hunter Zolomon's story is pretty different in the comics. He used to be a good guy and instead of actually running really fast, he manipulates time. His comic costume is a riff on the original Reverse Flash costume, while in the TV show, they gave him an all-black Flash costume basically.

Ra's Al-Ghul

Ra's palette is much more muted in the show, and he doesn't have that goofy facial hair either. It's kinda similar to Oliver. Also, he appears to be of European decent, rather than Middle Eastern like he is in the comics.