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    21 Times The #GrowingUpSouthern Hashtag Was Way Too Real

    Yeeeeeeees, ma'am.

    1. On proper manners:

    2. On THE PORCH:

    3. On the meaning of "bless your heart":

    4. On tea:

    5. On your accent:

    6. On grandmas:

    #GrowingUpSouthern how yo grandma look at you when you running in and out the house

    7. On tears:

    8. On Southern manners:

    #GrowingUpSouthern when you hold the door for ppl and they don't say 'Thank You'

    9. On switches:

    10. On Coke:

    11. On your coach's second job:

    12. On Southern decor:

    13. On bad behavior:

    14. On autocorrect's anti-Southern bias:

    15. On skeeters:

    16. On Southern style:

    17. On rude Northerners:

    18. On proper seasoning:

    19. On how sweet is sweet enough:

    20. On the outdoors:

    21. On dirty mouths:

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