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16 Times Tumblr Needed Divine Intervention

Dear God, please reblog.

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1. When this user had an ethical dilemma:

2. When the power of prayer was too effective:

3. When this customer service rep answered the call:

4. When different belief systems clashed:

5. When Abby was on Dr. Phil:

6. When the fervor of their devotion to T. Swift was clear:

7. When Beyoncé's followers took refuge from heresy:

8. When the only solution to waking up in the morning was prayer:

9. Really, they'll pray to any deity for help with school:

10. When Seattle was too far away:

11. When prayer and the Tumblr dashboard didn't mix:

12. When a new religion began in private messages:

13. When the other side called:

14. When reblogs needed to think very hard about their mistakes:

15. When anonymous questions were just too much:

16. When fast food wasn't convenient enough:

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