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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    19 Pictures That Are Like A Dream If You Love Arcades

    If you grew up in an arcade, this one's for you.

    1. This sick bar that's also an arcade. A....barcade, if you will.

    2. This mega dream arcade that basically has any game you could ever want.

    3. Or this amazing gamer house for a more private hangout sesh with your buds.

    4. The amazing design of custom embossed arcade tokens.


    5. These dudes killing the classic arcade hoops game like it's nothing.

    6. This amazing and rare Aaahhh! Real Monsters arcade game.

    7. This custom arcade cabinet that celebrates the Nintendo gods.

    8. This coffee table with an arcade cabinet installed in it, so you can game with your breakfast.

    9. This DOPE custom Nintendo-themed arcade cabinet with Toad "stools."


    10. This incredible and slightly uncomfortable Pac-Man floor in the bathroom at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade.

    Via Pac-Man gonna eat my dick?

    11. This DDR machine that's amped up with upgraded LEDs.


    12. This incredible retro staircase that should be in every arcade.


    13. This dedicated Street FIghter 2 fan.


    14. This four player cabinet that has all the emulated games you could ever want and an HD screen.


    15. This ultimate man-cave.


    16. And of course, this moment where you hit the jackpot with the tickets.


    17. And then you have to wait for the tickets to come out of the machine for like 15 minutes.


    18. But it's alright cause then you can flex at the ticket counter.


    19. Or maybe your mom can do the flexin'.


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