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19 Helpful Hints About How To Design Women In Video Games

"Bigger brains, not bigger boobs."

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We asked cosplayers at PAX Prime, the largest gaming expo in America, if you could get game developers in a room for 5 minutes, what would you tell them about how to better portray women in gaming? Here are the best of the responses.

2. This Luigi thought video games should be less gender-normative.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"I think female video game characters don't need to be scantily clad nor in gender specific colors."

15. No. More. Boob. Cutouts. In. Armor.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"I think female game characters need more epic full armor sets. Like those arrows/bullets/etc aren't just gonna hit yo tits tho. :>"

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