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    16 Times Ash Ketchum From "Pokémon" Was Literally You Trying To Make It Through Life

    We are all Ash Ketchum.

    Ah, Ash Ketchum. Your favorite immortal cartoon punching bag. He's so stupid, you say. He never even evolved his Pikachu! He sucks so bad.

    But LET'S BE HONEST. Everyone has a little bit of Ash in them and you're no exception.

    1. This is you completely missing the hint.

    2. This is you falling for the same stupid trick EVERY TIME.

    3. This is you pretending you have your shit together.

    4. Your puns are on this level.

    5. This is you trying to get your best friend to fix all your mistakes.

    6. This is you when someone asks a simple question and you keep bullshitting because you wanna seem smart.

    7. This is you failing to control your weird interests.

    8. This is you.

    9. Your friends are probably as supportive of you as Pikachu is to Ash.

    10. Again. Your puns.

    11. This is you setting unattainable goals for yourself.

    12. You having a good time.

    13. Your priorities.

    14. You being smooth AF.

    15. You comforting a friend after a rejection.

    16. But of course, we all have a little bit of Brock in us too.