27 Geektastic Keychains For All Your Favorite Fandoms

Because every fandom needs some good merch.

1. Charmtastic Book Keychains

Take your pick book worms because this seller makes nearly every huge series you can think of!

2. The Ring to rule all your keys!

Watch out because Gollum is never far behind…he will always find you.

3. 221B

So I couldn’t cover these key tags on a hearse, but since the world is SHERLOCKED on SHERLOCK it makes sense to finally have keys to the pad.

4. The only college you should ever have attended.

Step aside plastic memorabilia: this keychain is serious. Remind people that you are not messing while your gold Hogwarts crest glistens in the sunlight. Obviously you are repping the only school that ever mattered and learning to be a wizard is hands down the most important major that ever existed- ever.

5. Battlestar Galactica

Always take precautions. Your keys will be the envy of all keys.

6. Keys to the legendary TARDIS.

We all know about the awesome TARDIS prop replicas and miniatures made to key chains which are so cute you could die.
This key tag is serious because it discreetly makes your keys the keys to the epic TARDIS! - okay metaphorically speaking, we are still running tests….

7. J-14 rebirth of eye candy and puppy love! Teen wolf! Teen Wolf!

Since Stiles is a gift from the heavens fluffiest clouds, it’s time to rep this cutie. He has the keys to everyones heart!

8. Los Pollos? A1A day? or Should we just call Saul?

To celebrate one of the best series to ever grace the small screen. These keychains commemorate the epic landmarks of the show. Thankfully Better CALL Saul is in full effect…Now let’s take a minute to thank Vince Gilligan for being born. RIP Gus for being the coolest man ever.

9. Buffy is all lit up. It’s ridiculously early 2000s and you gotta love it!

Strangely the keychain area of this beloved show, comics, and movie is outdated like last season’s stakes. While she is slaying vampires on the streets and in the sheets, sometimes one can get a little lost. This awesome mini flashlight/light box keeps the Buffy spirit alive right in the palm of your hand.

10. Banana Bluth

There is always money in the BANANA STANDDDDDDDDD

11. Dream Gadget 007

Okay, so this as a prop replica key chain doesn’t exist but it has to be on this list.

I’m BOND, James Bond.

12. District 12

This Keychain may not be a mockingjay but item number 12 must go to the infamous distract 12.

13. Serenity

For one of the best one hit wonder series ever made. Joss Whedon thank you again for this and arghhh for being a truist. Getting the registration for this beautiful work of art is pretty geektastic.

Now go re-watch Firefly & Serenity and cry because its so sacredly beautiful.

14. Whats a Weekend?

Because we all know that she is the reason we ever get to laugh during Downtown Abbey.

15. Boba Fett + Hans Solo

If someone can’t recognize these baddass keychains then they shouldn’t be anywhere near you. End of story.

16. Brony’s My Little Pony Collection.

Seriously any of these will do. They are all perfect no matter who your favorite is!

17. Alex Krycek

18. Blood Slide

Yes, the shows series finale sucked real hard. All that brooding and suck-age that occurred is a bummer because there aren’t even supernatural creatures to blame for its terrible downfall. This is a cheers to the Dexter glory days and its devoted fan base.

19. Check.

Twilight, by far, has the most embarrassing associations. It still, however, is YA gold. Sparkling vampires, gigantic wolves, and scary sparkling vampires (Volturi) makes finding the perfect merch super difficult. This keychain is genius. Not only will it attract fellow twihards from your favorite fandom pages, but also your local chess nerd will probably fangirl you.

20. I’ll take a True Blood on the rocks please.

21. Borg Cube

seriously- squeal because you have the most awesome keychain

“Live long and prosper.” – Spock

22. The only light you will ever need.

Okay, so yah the movie flopped. Bummer. But the merch was awesome possum! This miniature stele is a great way to always be prepared for killing demons. Having your stele in hand, draw some runes and kick some bum. Or just have an awesome blue light to guide you in the dark.

23. The car you always wanted for your 16th Birthday… Well maybe also a Bat mobile

We all know how these boys roll. 8 seasons and still going strong! We love you SAM + DEAN 4everrrrrrrr

24. Workaholics

It may be plain but this key tag reminds you that Comedy Central did good letting this show exist.

25. Nightmare Before Xmas

The real Three Musketeers! Also the birth of the new BFF merch

26. Finger FOOD

Whether you are only a Walking Dead fan- which many are still questioning that- or not, Zombies in general have a huge following. Over the past few years, zombies have experienced a huge resurgence.

27. Needlepoint found an Edge

This Keychain won due to its sheer ingenuity.

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