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    Here Are 10 Of The Very Best Things To Do In London Over The Weekend

    I could get used to these three-day weekends, you know.

    I don't know how I'm going to go back to normal life after all these bank holidays, TBH. My Monday and Friday work attendance has been as spotty as the weather recently, and I'm getting all too used to it – might as well, seeing as there are so many days off in May (score).

    So I reckon now is the perfect time to get used to fun activities, don't you? Luckily, London's delivered – there's the legendary marathon run this weekend, an East London film festival to enjoy, and classes for a vogue/yoga combo have launched at The Westminster (yes, really). Read on for ten of our fave activities to try this weekend:

    1. Did someone say free films? (It was me) (to my group chat) (repeatedly)

    2. Watch marathon runners achieve unbelievable feats of physical endurance, think "wow! I wonder if I could do that?", and then go sit in a pub somewhere and get tipsy. Apparently, it's the city's culture.

    3. Ooh look, a coffee festival (don't mind if I do).

    4. I reckon Badiani's new gelato burger covers Maslow's entire hierarchy of needs, and this Saturday, you can nab one for free.

    5. Make the most of the sunshine by heading to Aviary's stunning rooftop restaurant.

    6. Have a bloomin' brilliant time at Hawley Wharf's first floral display of the year.

    7. Ever heard of voga (a vogueing/yoga combo)? Nor had I until five minutes ago, but now I'm extremely keen to try it out.

    8. The British Library have launched an all-new animal exhibition, and I've got to say, it's looking pretty impressive.

    9. Bowie fans, rejoice: Southbank Centre's photo exhibition is everything a Ziggy stan could ask for.

    10. The Sony World Photography Exhibition is still going strong in Somerset House, so you can expect some truly mesmerising world-class displays.