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    33 Products To Help You Bring The Springtime Indoors

    Actually, sometimes florals for spring IS groundbreaking.

    1. I may never get over how cute these daisy-pattern decorative vines are.

    2. Bring more of that much-needed sunlight inside with this (frankly stunning) window-shaped mirror.

    3. This round tasseled bath mat has the perfect boho chic vibes for spring.

    4. This powder-pink dressing gown is made with a lightweight and breathable fabric.

    5. This patterned bath towel has no reason to be as pretty as it is, but here we are.

    6. This felt basket is perfect for Easter egg hunts at home, and you can use it for more general storage too.

    7. This wildflower-pattern duvet set is stunning.

    8. This fleecy blanket is adorable.

    9. This blush-pink tasseled rug gets a 10/10 from me.

    10. This fun and functional hanger screams "spring".

    11. This baby-blue satin kimono looks pretty great, too!

    12. Add a touch of forest green to your home with this chenille blanket.

    13. This pressed-flower picture frame is my new favourite thing.

    14. This small rattan-framed mirror looks like a mini sun (aww).

    15. These decorative vines will add some greenhouse vibes to your room.

    16. This light and bright shower curtain will make your bathroom feel way more airy.

    17. This metal picture frame is subtle and glam at the same time.

    18. This small terracotta plant pot is almost too pretty to put a plant in. Almost.

    19. These pastel-hued sherpa floor cushions are like a more grown-up version of a beanbag.

    20. Then there's this wall tidy, which will stay looking cute way past Easter.

    21. String lights are a great way to bring even more brightness to your room – these gold ones are stunning.

    22. This handmade pink-and-white diffuser vessel is gorgeous.

    23. Cover your plant pots with this woven basket.

    24. Make your room smell spring-fresh with these fragrance oils.

    25. Brighten up your table with this cotton runner.

    26. This glass plant mister is both practical and highly ~aesthetic~.

    27. This adorable sloth-shaped accessory is flexible, so you can shape it to hang off your plants (I know, right?!).

    28. This gold-look watering can is the perfect boho addition to your home (and if you like, you can use it as a quirky plant pot).

    29. Hold those spring vibes in the palm of your hand (literally) with this pressed-flower iPhone case.

    30. Bring some zesty freshness into your home with this lemon-scented candle.

    31. This patchwork duvet set is very "Earth mother, but make it fashion".

    32. This pink and green trinket dish is giving me "cherry blossoms against leaves" vibes.

    33. Yeah, I'm going to need this rose garland ASAP, thanks very much.