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    19 Self-Care Products For If You Haven't Got A Garden, A Bath, Or A Big Kitchen

    This one's for all of us living in small spaces right now.

    1. This jute bag kit contains everything you need to grow your own cherry tomatoes on a windowsill or table.

    2. These shower steamers work just like a bath bomb, but, you know, without the need for a bath.

    3. Perfect the art of homemade brunch even with limited space by using this mini waffle maker.

    4. Grow your own cactus in your windowsill with this grow kit, which contains everything you need to get started.

    5. This recipe book is filled with mug cake recipes, so it's ideal if you haven't got much kitchen space.

    6. This indoor allotment allows you to grow your own herbs – including basil, oregano, and coriander – in your windowsill.

    7. This home mystery box is packed full of homeware products that work just as well for flat dwellers as they do for other property types. Its contents are worth over £45 when sold separately!

    8. This teeny-tiny beer pong set has the perfect space-to-fun ratio for smaller living areas.

    9. If you can't give your full body a bath, you can at least treat your feet to this watermelon-scented foot soak!

    10. If the size of your kitchen doesn't reflect your love of cooking, this one-pot recipe book from Leon has got your back.

    11. Okay, you might not have an actual garden, but this detailed colouring book will give you a paper-based one.

    12. This calligraphy set is a great way to keep yourself entertained for ages without the need for any special spaces – your kitchen table or desk will do just fine!

    13. This intensely hydrating face mask will give you a way to spoil your skin without having to worry about splattering product all over your sink like when you wash a regular mask off.

    14. Okay, you might not be able to have your own barbecue right now, but you can enjoy the warm weather by using this Slush Puppie machine. You can make delicious cocktails with this too!

    15. Make the most of your shower with this waterproof Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

    16. This boredom-busting indoor kit was designed with people who have no outdoor spaces in mind.

    17. Even if you can't have a bath, you can have a super relaxing head massage using this corgi-topped tool.

    18. This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is big enough to take you a long while to complete (which is the point of puzzles), but small enough not to take over your entire table.

    19. This Central Perk tea infuser is fun enough to brighten up your tea-drinking experience and tiny enough to not take up too much valuable space in your cutlery drawer.