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    14 Security Products That Can Help To Keep Your Home Safe

    @Kevin's parents in Home Alone.

    1. Just pop this door stop alarm under any of your doors and it'll let you know if there's an intruder. Um, increased safety for less than a fiver? Yes please.

    2. This security camera links up with your smartphone and can be controlled with Alexa.

    3. You can choose to keep your lights on while you're away at timed intervals with these sockets!

    4. This locked key box is way better than just hiding your key under the mat.

    5. This carbon monoxide alarm will tell you if your CO levels are too high.

    6. Window locks help to keep even more of your home secure, which is never a bad thing.

    7. Or you could try out these window alarms, which are a great way to let you know if something's going on!

    8. An outdoor motion sensor light will let you know if there's someone nearby.

    9. See who's at the door without having to get up with one of these wireless Wi-Fi powered video door bells!

    10. A cross cut shredder will make sure your sensitive documents won't be legible to anyone once you throw them out.

    11. This password notebook will protect your details from online hackers, and the handy lock will protect the notebook itself from prying eyes.

    12. You can tell me you've never wanted a dictionary safe, but i won't believe you.

    13. This chip-activated cat flap won't let anyone but your cat in or out.

    14. Keep your French doors secure with this lock!

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