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    18 Ways You Might Not Have Thought Of To Keep Your Stuff Safe

    Because you can never have enough security TBH.

    1. Your card can't be scanned by thieves through this RFD-blocking card holder.

    2. This small no-screw lock that you can bring practically anywhere.

    3. A GPS-fitted collar, so you don't lose your lil' animal friends.

    4. A sliding front camera cover, because camera hacks are actually a thing.

    5. A video doorbell, so you can see who's at the door without actually being there.

    6. A sports bra with a pocket, which is perfect for when you work out.

    7. Window locks, because thieves really do try it.

    8. This small lanyard for your wrist (sometimes the simplest things are the best.)

    9. A theft-proof bag to help keep your stuff safe on your commute.

    10. This compact steel folding bike lock, which is super strong.

    11. This Pacsafe cash belt, perfect for when you're out and about.

    12. A privacy screen that makes it difficult for other people to see what you're typing.

    13. Locks for your patio doors, because thieves know that's a weak spot.

    14. An alarm that goes off whenever your doors or windows are opened.

    15. An actual safe, because sometimes James Bond movies make a point.

    16. Keep an eye on your purse in public with this portable clip-on bag hanger.

    17. Make sure your secret data stays that way with this encrypted USB.

    18. A lil' portable lock for your laptop, to help secure it when you're in public.