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    27 Genius Products To Help Solve Some Of Life's Annoying Little Problems

    Including an onion-saving holder and some shampoo that'll transform your upholstery.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. You'll be able to swipe through the turnstile without having to take your card out thanks to this handy self-adhesive wallet. You can fit keys and other objects in here too!

    Amazon / Via

    Any cards you place in here will still connect effectively to card readers, and the stretchy material is perfect for keys and other irregularly-shaped objects too. The adhesive backing means it'll fit all phones, and you can get it in 12 different colours.

    Price: £6.99.

    2. Keep your onions fresher for longer while also protecting your fridge from *that* smell with this specially-designed holder.

    Amazon / Via

    It's airtight and leak-proof, so no produce-rotting oxygen can get in and no foul-smelling onion juice will escape. This handy tool is dishwasher-safe and microwave-friendly, too!

    Price: £2.50.

    3. Your stainless steel surfaces will sparkle after you use this specially-designed cloth on them.

    Amazon / Via

    This clever cloth will clean your stainless steel surfaces using only water! It won't leave any streaks or residue behind, and it's completely machine-washable too.

    Price: £1.99.

    4. This incredible timer changes colour according to how cooked your egg is. I mean, come on.

    Amazon / Via

    Chuck this genius gadget in the pan with your eggs and its heat-sensitive display will change colour as your eggs cook. It's made from food-safe polyresin, and people say it's actually really accurate!

    Price: £2.65.

    5. These plastic drain strainers work just as well as the metal kinds, but their material won't scratch or scuff the surface around your plug holes.

    Amazon / Via

    These strainers won't rust or scratch your sink when you're removing or installing them, and reviewers say they're great value for money too. Um, fewer blockages for less than two quid? Yes, please.

    Price: £1.85 for two.

    6. This highly-rated shampoo will help to transform your car seats (in fact, it works on all kinds of fabric upholstery!).

    Amazon / Via

    Spray this stuff onto any stained seats, let it soak in, rinse it away, and voila – the fabric will look good as new again! Plus, this spray cleans and deodorises, so your seats will smell as fresh as they look.

    Price: £8.12.

    7. This rim block will help to keep your loo fresh between scrubs.

    Amazon / Via

    When you apply one of these to the rim of your toilet bowl, it'll release a fresh smell and some helpful cleaning liquid into your loo every time you flush. Each rim block will last you for up to 240 flushes!

    Price: £1.50.

    8. This reusable makeup remover cloth will get rid of your cosmetics using only water, so you won't have to waste loads of cotton rounds and micellar water.

    Amazon / Via

    This machine-washable cloth will get rid of your makeup in a couple of easy swipes. Just add water, run it over your face, and you're done!

    Price: £4.95.

    9. You'll be able to clean your pots and pans using only water thanks to this double-sided scourer.

    Amazon / Via

    You'll be able to tackle both tough stains AND lighter mess when you're washing up with one of these. Just chuck it in your washing machine when it's looking a bit grimy and it'll be good to go again! (Oh, and did we mention washing-up liquid is completely optional with this water-activated pad? Because, you know, it is.)

    Price: £3.26.

    10. You'll never run out of bags while walking your dog again thanks to this clip-on holder.

    Amazon / Via

    You can pull these extra-thick bags from their leash-friendly capsule whenever you need to clean up any mess your furry friend leaves behind. The holder clips onto your leash, and there's a handy holder on the back which will give you somewhere to store used bags until you reach a bin!

    Price: £2.25.

    11. Get your shower door sparkling with this mini squeegee. It's got a handy suction cup on the back, so it'll always be within easy reach!

    Amazon / Via

    You can place it wherever is most convenient, and customers say it's as effective as it is easy to use. Not bad for less than £3, right?!

    Price: £2.99.

    12. This collapsible mini funnel is a great way to transfer liquids form one container to another without leaving any spills behind. It won't take up much space when it's not in use either!

    Amazon / Via

    It's made with food-grade silicone that's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. It folds into itself for easy storage!

    Price: £2.99.

    13. This Denman shower brush will massage your scalp and work shampoo down into your roots at the same time.

    Amazon / Via

    Not only is this massaging brush super relaxing to use, it'll help to exfoliate your scalp and improve its circulation too! Reviewers also say it's helped them to make their shampoo lather better!

    Price: £3.50.

    14. These ethylene-absorbing spheres will make your fruit and veg stay fresher for longer. They work just as well in your fridge as they do in your fruit bowl!

    Amazon / Via

    Chuck one of these handy balls into your crisper drawer or fruit bowl and its carbon centre will absorb any chemicals that might spoil your fruit and veg. Customers are seriously impressed by how long they keep food fresh for!

    Price: £5.99 for three.

    15. This 4head stick claims to reduce the symptoms of headaches in minutes, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's doing something right.

    Amazon / Via

    It contains levomenthol which can help to reduce your headaches – the formula will work its magic without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling on your skin! There's no limit to how often you can use this swipe-on stick per day (which is great seeing as you'll get up to 100 uses out of this thing!).

    Price: £3.99.

    16. This maximum-strength antiperspirant has gotten rave reviews for a reason. You'll only need to apply it once or twice a week to feel the effects!

    Amazon / Via

    I know it sounds a little out there but, if the ratings are anything to go by, this spray really does live up to its promise. Customers say just a couple of applications per week is enough to keep them sweat-free for days, and if you don't take their word for it, there's a money-back guarantee too!

    Price: £12.00.

    17. Bust through that annoying buildup on your shower head with this anti-limescale spray.

    Amazon / Via

    This spray produces a thick foam which will coat your limescale-covered surfaces, allowing the anti-scale formula inside to break down mineral deposits in less than five minutes(!). Reviewers have been wowed by the results.

    Price: £2.00.

    18. Anyone who's ever had to clean out a fridge will understand why I had to include these incredible liners.

    Amazon / Via

    They're made from a BPA-free material that you can trim to fit your fridge ~exactly~, and their bases are completely non-slip. Place them on your shelves and then wash them in the sink or dishwasher whenever you need to. The raised bumps on these liners also help to keep your food fresher for longer!

    Price: £3.04 for four.

    19. These hydrocolloid patches will heal and cover your spots at the same time.

    Amazon / Via

    The formula in these patches will draw out the gunk and excess moisture from your spots, meaning they'll dry out faster. You can apply them just before you go to bed and wake up to smoother skin!

    Price: £5.99 for 24.

    20. Plug holes can fill up with grease and scum pretty quickly, but don't worry – these dissolving drain sticks have got your back!

    Amazon / Via

    These sticks are packed full of enzymes that break down the gunk and grease in your drains as they dissolve, leaving behind a fresh smell and clearer plug holes. Simply drop 'em in your drains and leave them to work their magic!

    Price: £5.00 for 12.

    21. This antifungal grout-reviving pen will leave the spaces in between your tiles looking as good as new.

    Amazon / Via

    Run its nib along any discoloured grouting for an instant colour refresh! The formula is antifungal, helping to prevent the new coating from getting covered in mould.

    Price: £4.50.

    22. The incredibly highly-reviewed Seche Vite topcoat will keep your manicures fresh for longer, and it'll help prevent chipping too!

    Amazon, Valeza Bakolli / Via

    This topcoat works by penetrating through your nail polish to the base of your nail, helping to bond the varnish to your nails in a really thorough and durable way. Just apply this over your regular nail polish for a long-lasting protective shield that can help to keep your manicure looking good for literally weeks!

    Price: £6.85.

    23. If you're sick of paying for washing powder (who isn't), this incredible Ecoegg will wash your clothes for over a year, no detergent needed.

    Amazon / Via

    Just pop this in the drum of your machine with your laundry before running the cycle, and the beads inside this egg will foam and release a fresh scent. Reviewers rave about how well it lifts stains, dirt, and odours from their clothes, and it'll last you for up to 210 washes in one single container.

    Price: £12.99.

    24. These personalised wheelie bin stickers will let everyone know whose recycling bins are whose.

    Amazon / Via

    These weatherproof stickers will arrive via first-class Royal Mail, and customers say their high-adhesion backings make them really long-lasting.

    Price: £2.25 for four.

    25. Customers have been seriously wowed by this eyelash serum.

    Amazon / Via

    The formula is packed full of lash-lengthening peptides, so the tiny hairs will get stronger and look longer after repeated use. People say it leaves their eyelashes thicker and fuller, and it's cost-effective too!

    Price: £6.98.

    26. This bike phone holder will shield your device from rain and direct sunlight.

    Amazon / Via

    This holder attaches to your handlebars – its shield and waterproof case will protect your phone from rain and direct sunlight, so you'll always be able to see your screen! And as if all that wasn't enough, it's mounted on a useful bag which can carry your keys and cards.

    Price: £14.99.

    27. This eyebrow dye will keep those fine hairs tinted for up to six weeks.

    Amazon / Via

    The spoolie applicator inside this pack makes the long-lasting product incredibly easy to apply. Run it over your brows and the tint will get to work, dyeing the tiny hairs and defining even the smallest ones!

    Price: £6.98.

    You to those annoying little problems after this list:

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