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    42 Useful Gadgets Under £5 You Probably Never Knew Existed

    Where have these been all my life?!

    1. This odour absorber will soak up all the bad smells in your fridge. Just fill it with baking soda and it's good to go!

    2. If you're missing the SIM card ejector from your phone, this pack of 10 replacements should keep you going for a while.

    3. You'll be able to hang multiple items of clothing using the rail space of one hanger thanks to these connector hooks.

    4. This genius timer changes colour according to how cooked your eggs are. Just pop it in the water with your eggs and it'll work its magic!

    5. This reusable makeup remover cloth will get rid of your cosmetics using only water.

    6. This stainless steel guard will protect your fingers when you're chopping food!

    7. The word "hot" shows up on the base of this floating thermometer whenever the water is too (you guessed it) hot. It's perfect for anyone with young kids!

    8. This specially-designed holder means you can finely dice your onions without the worry of them slipping.

    9. This avocado pod will keep your fave food fresher for longer after you've sliced it!

    10. You'll always have waste bags on hand when you're walking your pet thanks to this clever dispenser that'll attach to your leash.

    11. Get your shower door sparkling with this mini squeegee. It's got a handy suction cup on the back, so it'll always be within easy reach!

    12. Your tea towels and cloths will dry faster when you store them using these (adorable) mini clips.

    13. These self-adhesive blind spot mirrors will help to make driving safer.

    14. This double-sided eyeglass cleaner is honestly genius.

    15. Knitters will seriously appreciate this incredibly useful row counter.

    16. This tap extender is a great way to hose your sink down after you've used it, and it's fab for washing fruit and veg.

    17. This stainless steel rocker is way easier to clean than a regular garlic press, and it'll cover a larger surface area too!

    18. This double-sided scourer will clean your pots and pans using only water!

    19. This reusable straw folds up to form a keyring when it's not in use!

    20. You'll finally be able to hang up that one picture without having to whip out the toolbox thanks to this set of Command strips.

    21. You'll have a cleaner shave (literally) when you use this hair catcher.

    22. Clean all those hard-to-reach areas (like your toaster or windowsill) with this mini dustpan and brush.

    23. For something so simple, this soap saver is actually really clever.

    24. Submerge the spout of your taps in descaler with this useful gadget!

    25. These self-adhesive hooks couldn't be easier to install!

    26. And this sink caddy will never stop being useful.

    27. Give your long cooking utensils (like knives and spatulas) a home in your drawers with this plastic insert.

    28. This handy over-the-cabinet hook will help you get even more storage space out of your cupboards.

    29. This mesh bag will protect your bra and other delicates while they're in the wash.

    30. I'm a huge fan of this suction cup razor holder!

    31. This vegetable cleaning brush is a great way to get into the nooks and crannies of things like potatoes and carrots.

    32. This double-sided toilet brush gets right under the rim of your loo (ugh, so satisfying).

    33. This collapsible mini funnel is about to become your new favourite kitchen gadget!

    34. Relieve some tension with this massager. It's got four differently-sizes ends to help target various parts of your body!

    35. If you want to feel like a barista at home, you'll probably appreciate this milk frother.

    36. This Denman shower brush will massage your scalp and work shampoo down into your roots at the same time.

    37. This pocket knife sharpener is as effective as it is portable!

    38. This lil' holder will give you a convenient place to store your makeup sponge after you've washed it.

    39. This universal sink stopper is perfect if you've lost the original plug for your sink or bath!

    40. You can slide these webcam covers across whenever you want to revert to selfie mode.

    41. Whether you're watching Netflix in bed or trying to read a recipe in the kitchen, this iPad cushion is bound to come in handy.

    42. Remove stains, marks, burnt-on food, and more from your pots and pans with these highly effective sponges!