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    Just 42 Products To Help Make Life A Little Bit Better

    Some are cute, some are useful, and all of them are basically regret-proof.

    1. I swear by this rose gold nail polish. Its gorgeous glittery finish always makes me smile!

    2. This retractable washing line snaps back into its casing when it's not in use.

    3. Get rid of annoying dandruff by using this Nizoral shampoo.

    4. This remote-controlled LED backlight will make your TV look better AND help to prevent eye strain. You can switch between 16 different colours!

    5. These enamel pins will jazz up a boring bag or jacket.

    6. You can personalise this clip-on hand sanitiser bottle!

    7. These genius lights have a cork-shaped battery pack, so they'll fit effortlessly into wine bottles.

    8. You'll be able to get to the spices in that hard-to-reach corner of your cupboard thanks to this highly-rated turntable.

    9. These cactus-shaped magnets provide an adorable way to keep important memos within easy sight.

    10. This hand cream from Palmer's is incredibly nourishing, and it has an amazing coconut smell too!

    11. This waterproof liner pen has gotten some rave reviews from people who say it really does stay all day.

    12. Treat you hair and skin to these stunning satin pillowcases.

    13. This cloud-shaped bath bomb leaves a rainbow-hued trail behind it as it fizzes.

    14. Good brushes make it easy to apply your makeup flawlessly, so it's a good thing this inexpensive set is so highly-rated!

    15. Glass nail files are longer lasting and better looking than regular emery boards. This pack of five is a steal at less than £2!

    16. This ear and nose hair trimmer from Wahl is 1) compact, 2) highly-rated, and 3) deeply satisfying to use. What's not to love?!

    17. This colour-shifting Lunar Lilac eyeshadow from Rimmel honestly has no right to look as good as it does.

    18. These honeycomb drawer organisers will help you to find a matching pair of socks in no time.

    19. This sleek bamboo bath mat is naturally water-repellent!

    20. This heat-proof mat will protect your surfaces from tongs and hair straighteners.

    21. You'll be able to exfoliate your skin in the cutest way possible thanks to this pack of four loofahs.

    22. I am absolutely losing it over these mouse-shaped ankle socks.

    23. This head massager is just. So. Relaxing.

    24. Enjoy the ~aesthetic~ of hanging plants without the maintenance by nabbing these faux ivy bunches.

    25. These mini elephant-shaped candles are almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    26. Upgrade your morning coffee with this electric milk frother.

    27. This foxy scarf will keep you cosy in style.

    28. BRB, just ordering this Lilo and Stitch-themed key holder immediately.

    29. These pumpkin-shaped fairy lights are perfect for spooky season.

    30. You'll be able to reach your keyboard way more easily with the help of this laptop stand.

    31. Let off some steam after work with this swear word colouring book.

    32. This A4-sized sketchpad contains 100% recycled paper. It's got a 4.7-star average rating from 3,857 reviews!

    33. These stretchy silicone lids fit over a wide range of different objects. They'll keep your food fresher for longer!

    34. You'll be able to taste the nostalgia (literally) with this gift box of retro sweets.

    35. This cactus-shaped light will illuminate your room in a cute and quirky way.

    36. This cat-shaped spoon is simply purrfect.

    37. This car boot organiser will make packing and unpacking The Big Shop that little bit easier. Hang it over your back seats for easy installation!

    38. WFH desk looking a little chaotic right now? It might be time to invest in this (kind of gorgeous) organiser.

    39. Replace the worn-down symbols on your oven or hob with these durable transparent stickers.

    40. You won't need to use any staples with this genius stapler – it works by using pressure and an incredibly smart design instead!

    41. Home bakers will seriously appreciate this simple plastic scraper.

    42. This hot chocolate gift set is perfect for colder weather.

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