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    16 Products For People Who Love Coffee Way More Than The Average Person Does

    Live your best caffeinated life with these!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A handheld milk frother is the perfect way to whip up a cappuccino or latte at home. This affordable one will give you change from a fiver!

    Amazon / Via

    It's small enough to fit in your cutlery drawer, and powerful enough to froth your milk in no time! The stainless steel material makes it easy to clean as well, and it's super user-friendly – all you have to do to is push a button!

    Price: £4.99.

    2. This stuff will clean out the coffee stains from your mug!

    Amazon / Via

    If you drink coffee a lot, you'll probably have at least a few cups that look like they've seen better days. This cup cleaner solves that problem! You won't need to scrub with this stuff, either – just let it sit in your cup and work its magic.

    Price: £4.43.

    3. These coffee pods are reusable, and they fit in most Nespresso machines!

    Amazon / Via

    Love your coffee machine but hate unnecessary waste? These pods are perfect. You can wash them really easily between uses, and these ones are designed to fit most Nespresso machines.

    Price: £2.99 for four.

    4. This cold brew maker means you'll always have some chilled caffeinated goodness in the fridge.

    Amazon / Via

    Just chuck your coffee grounds in the filter, add water, and leave this flask in the fridge! It's an incredibly easy way to make sure you've always got cold brew to hand, and customers say this flask is easy to clean, too.

    Price: £18.50.

    5. I simply could not live without my Bialetti. This one makes six cups!

    Amazon / Via

    Some things are classics for a reason. The Bialetti makes really rich, smooth, and quite strong coffee with no fuss, so it's perfect for your morning caffeine fix! Plus, using one of these makes your kitchen smell amazing.

    Price: £25.99.

    6. This universal stainless steel coffee filter will last you for ages, and customers say it makes a really smooth cup!

    Amazon / Via

    This mesh filter works just as well as the paper kind, but with the added advantage of being completely reusable! It's easy to wash, and the stainless steel material of the mesh means it won't rust easily. Plus, it's designed to fit almost all machines!

    Price: £10.69.

    7. Love your Starbucks fix but hate spending money? Same. This flavoured syrup set includes gingerbread, caramel, and vanilla!

    Amazon / Via

    Get the coffee-shop taste for far, far less by just buying your own syrups! These ones from Monin taste absolutely amazing, and they come in handy packs of six flavours too.

    Price: £8.60 for a set of five.

    8. Always picking up stone-cold cups of coffee? Make sure that never happens again with this mug warmer.

    Amazon / Via

    Keep your coffee hot with this genius mug warmer! Just pop your mug on top of it, and it'll provide adjustable heat for as long as your mug's on there.

    Price: £19.99.

    9. Grind your coffee beans at home with this lil' machine.

    Amazon / Via

    Freshly-ground beans always taste best, but getting a huge machine that grinds them for you is often 1) expensive and 2) really cumbersome. This much smaller, much cheaper bean grinder will do the same job for less, and you'll get that unbelievable fresh coffee smell too.

    Price: £12.10.

    10. This Aeropress will brew up to three cups of coffee in one minute with minimal mess. No wonder it's so highly-reviewed!

    Amazon / Via

    Just place this press over your cup and gradually lower the pusher down. It's big enough to hold up to three cups worth of coffee, and people say the taste of the coffee it makes is great!

    Price: £24.10.

    11. If you can never, ever get enough caffeine, Death Wish coffee grounds are about to be your best friend.

    Amazon / Via

    This incredibly intense coffee has an international reputation for being seriously, seriously strong. The caffeine content is so high that the brand has called it the strongest coffee in the world!

    Price: £39.99 for a kilo.

    12. Did you know about this insulated French press flask? Because I didn't, and I'm beginning to think I've wasted my life (or at least my commutes.)

    Amazon / Via

    Okay, I'm officially in love with this. Just place grounds in hot water in this flask, slowly lower the filter (it'll catch all the loose grounds on the way down, so you won't get lil' bits of grounds in your cup), and voila, incredible coffee! Not only that, but you'll be able to carry your coffee with you and keep it warmer for longer. Hello, caffeinated commutes! These flasks are available in off-white and red.

    Price: £18.13 - £18.99, depending on colour.

    13. Are you really a Classy Adult Consuming Coffee™ if you haven't got one of these gorge glass mugs?

    Amazon / Via

    Not only are these mugs stunning, they won't pick up coffee stains as quickly as your ceramic ones either! They're double-walled too for extra safety.

    Price: £13.67 for two.

    14. This coffee maker has a timer, so you can set it to get your caffeine fix ready the second you wake up! Take. My. Money.

    Amazon / Via

    Just set the timer on this machine, and it'll get a cup of hot coffee ready for you as soon as your alarm goes off! Zero-commitment caffeine? Yes, please.

    Price: £52.

    15. Remove the limescale and buildup from your coffee machine with this eco-friendly decaulker!

    Amazon / Via

    This stuff cleans your limescale and caulk, and it's way more eco-friendly than other brands too! Customers say it doesn't leave a weird taste in their machines, and it's really effective too.

    Price: £10.50.

    16. People really love these Lavazza coffee beans!

    Amazon / Via

    With over 1,495 reviews and a 4.7-star average, these beans are really the belle of the coffee-loving ball! Reviewers say it's delicious and really good value (you get a whole kilo of beans!)

    Price: £11.89.

    You (and me) basically every morning:

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