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    13 Products For People Who Love Tea Way More Than The Average Person Does


    1. This compact teabag tin is the perfect vessel for when you want to take your teabags to the office or are travelling (listen, sometimes these places don't have your preferred brand and you need to bring them from home!)

    2. This tea tool is arguably the game-changing invention every home needs – put this plunger in your tea, extract the teabag, give it a squeeze to get the last bits of tea out and then use this to drop the teabag in the bin!

    3. If you lean towards loose leaf and are feeling fancy, this glass teapot for one is perfect.

    4. If your teabag has a lil' paper and string at the end, may I suggest these silicone snails to keep your teabag in place and stop the tag floating into your mug?

    5. We're all guilty of forgetting about our cup of tea, but this electric mug warmer makes sure that your cuppa doesn't go cold.

    6. This kettle de-scaler, because what ruins a cup of tea more than bits of hard water floating on the surface?

    7. Or there's this BRITA filter kettle so you can have lovely, un-scaly tea every time!

    8. If you don't already have a teabag dish, why not? Stop your teaspoon getting the counter wet and do it ~in style~ with this super cute one.

    9. Or this tiny worktop bin to chuck your teabags into if you're feeling too lazy to go to the big one.

    10. Protect your table from tea rings with these adorable biscuit coasters.

    11. Speaking of tea and biscuits, this mug has a handy jumbo-sized pocket for them!

    12. There's this mug that comes with a chart, for those who are sick of people making their tea the wrong colour.

    13. And of course a gigantic pack of teabags because well, obviously.