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    23 Problem-Solving Products To Try If You Live In An Old House

    This one's for all of us with tiny bathrooms and damp walls.

    1. Okay, but how have I managed for so long without this enamel touch-up pen? It'll fix that annoying patch in your bath or sink in seconds!

    2. This low-key genius cloth will get rid of the water stains and cup rings that build up on your furniture over time.

    3. If the lighting in your bedroom, kitchen, or wardrobe is a little underwhelming, this motion sensor-enabled strip light is here to help.

    4. My old flat has an ancient fan extractor that gets visibly greasy really quickly. I swear by this powerful degreaser to get the panels gleaming in minutes!

    5. Not only will this clever rubber strip act as a draught excluder, it'll help to sound-proof your home too.

    6. Cover up old stains and scratches on your wooden surfaces with these repair markers and crayons! They're as easy to use as they are effective.

    7. If your drains are no longer working at their best, this hair-dissolving liquid might just help water flow through them a little better.

    8. And you can keep your plugholes clear between deep cleans with these low-effort drain sticks!

    9. This powerful carpet stain-removing powder is perfect if your floors have seen better days.

    10. If the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like this mould remover spray really does live up to its before and after pics.

    11. Lost the original plug for your bath or sink? This universal drain stopper is pretty much ideal.

    12. This extra-long iPhone charger is a life-saver if your plugs are just a little too far away from your bed.

    13. Little cracks and gaps can form in the walls and skirting boards of your home over time, which small critters can enter through. I've used these ant bait stations myself and have been really impressed by the results!

    14. If you're living in the UK, chances are you're in a hard water area (and that means loads of limescale will build up over time). This genius spray gets rid of unsightly mineral deposits in just five minutes!

    15. And you should nab these reusable descaler balls for more or less the same reason – they'll remove the crust from inside your kettle in no time.

    16. Transform the spaces in between your tiles with this grout-reviving pen.

    17. Old houses often come with lots of hard-to-clean nooks and crannies – thankfully, these precise brushes will help you really ~get into~ them. One of them is double-ended, giving you even more options!

    18. Old pipes and time can make washing machines scale-filled and rusty. This specially-designed cleaner from Dettol will deodorise AND descale your appliance from the inside out!

    19. When it comes to concealing boring patches of floor AND decorating your space at the same time, you can't go too far wrong with a stunning rug.

    20. If the inside of your wardrobe always smells a little ~off~, these odour-absorbing bags will nip the issue in the bud.

    21. And if excess moisture is a problem all over your home, it might be time to invest in this ridiculously highly-rated dehumidifier.

    22. Anyone who's got a teeny-tiny bathroom will seriously appreciate this space-saving shower organiser.

    23. This stainless steel extender is a great way to make the most out of short and slow-flowing taps.

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