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    27 Little Problem-Solving Products That Might Just Make Your Kitchen Better

    Oh, and the prices are pretty small, too!

    1. Keep your fridge shelves clean with these liners.

    Food and a bottle resting on coloured sheets of plastic that lines fridge shelves

    2. Dry your utensils neatly by the sink without having to worry about them staying wet for ages with this adorable holder (the trunk is drainage, people).

    3. These hob replacement stickers will ensure you'll be able to read the settings on your oven, even if the old markings are worn down.

    4. These drain sticks will help to keep your plug holes clear for you.

    5. You can hold your iPad or cookbook up while you're following recipes with this useful cushion.

    6. You can make sure the inside of your oven stays sparkling by using these Teflon liners.

    7. Keep your bin liners leak and odour-free by using some of this Bin Buddy powder.

    8. Make sure food doesn't end up down your drains with this pop-up silicone drain protector plug, which is way easier (and much less gross) to clean than the regular metal kinds.

    9. Keep your compost bin clean the eco-friendly way by using these biodegradable liners.

    10. One of these under-the-counter bins will make it easy to clear your surfaces while you're prepping food for cooking.

    11. If your fave cup is looking a bit grimy, it might be time to consider buying this powerful stain remover.

    12. Keep your sink clean after you've used it with this handy tap extender.

    13. Get rid of those annoying scummy bits on top of your cuppa by using one of these drop-in descaler bags in your kettle.

    14. How smart is this space-saving cutlery organiser from Joseph Joseph?!

    15. Sharper knives are safer and easier to use than dull, blunt blades, so this simple tabletop tool is a seriously smart buy.

    16. If you like the low-effort nature of kitchen roll but hate how high-waste the tissue sheets are, this reusable bamboo roll is ideal.

    17. Keep your counters free from stains and spills when you're cooking by using this silicone spoon rest.

    18. The gap between your countertops and your oven can become a real dust trap. Seal it off with these silicone strips!

    19. These microwave and fridge wipes are a great low-effort way to keep those hard-to-clean appliances gleaming.

    20. If your tap's spout is in need of some TLC, this descaler tool will make the deep-cleaning process much easier.

    21. Let's face it, everyone has at least one pan that's covered in burnt-on stains and marks. These clever sponges are an incredibly effective way to get them looking new again!

    22. This powerful degreaser has gotten a ton of great reviews for a reason.

    23. Keep the nooks and crannies of your kitchen clean with these multipurpose brushes.

    24. These silicone baking mats are completely reusable, and they'll distribute heat really evenly too.

    25. I'm a huge fan of this tilted measuring jug.

    26. Mince your garlic without the mess by using this stainless steel rocker.

    27. This ice cube tray will transform water into dog-shaped blocks, because honestly? Having boring ice cubes is a bit of a problem.

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