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    27 Genius Problem-Solving Products That Actually Do What They Say They Will

    Turns out some things sound good because they are good.

    1. This stainless steel garlic rocker is faster to use and easier to clean that a regular garlic press.

    2. You can get rid of that ~intense~ stain on your favourite pot without having to worry about scratching the surface underneath by using these incredible sponges.

    3. These hygienic covers are designed to protect Oral-B electric toothbrush heads when they're not in use.

    4. Keep your nails looking great long after you've painted them with this cult-status Seche Vite topcoat.

    5. Keep your blades sharp with this (incredible easy-to-use) knife sharpener.

    6. Brighten up your smile with these peroxide-free charcoal strips.

    7. If you're sick of paying for washing powder (who isn't), this incredible Ecoegg will wash your clothes for over a year, no detergent needed.

    8. These clever watering globes will hydrate your plants for you for up to two weeks.

    9. This 4head stick claims to get rid of your headache in less than two minutes, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's doing something right.

    10. Customers have been seriously impressed by this lash and brow serum.

    11. Make the most out of your shampoo and enjoy an extra-relaxing shower with this silicone scalp massager brush.

    12. This ionic shower head is a seriously smart buy if you live in a hard water area.

    13. This mould remover spray does exactly what it promises to do.

    14. Help to keep your home fur-free with this pet hair-removing roller.

    15. Ensure you're keeping your entire mouth clean by using this copper tongue scraper.

    16. Prevent your shower curtain from sticking to you while you're washing (the worst feeling) by using these self-adhesive shower clips.

    17. If the markings on your oven are looking a bit worn down, it might be time to buy these replacement hob stickers.

    18. If you're forever getting up out of bed to find that one magazine or remote control you needed, this bedside caddy will help.

    19. Fall asleep listening to your fave podcast with this wireless Bluetooth-enabled headband.

    20. These plug-in pest repellers will discourage everything from cockroaches to ants and mice alongside loads of other unwelcome critters.

    21. Keep your breakouts at bay with these zit-zapping hydrocolloid patches.

    22. If your favourite mug is looking a bit grimy, you can tackle it in no time with this specially-designed cleaner.

    23. These all-natural tumble dryer balls will make your clothes dry faster and feel softer (all while looking cute AF).

    24. Keep the gaps between your tiles looking fresh with this anti-mould grout pen.

    25. Protect your charger from fraying and splitting by using these flexible protectors.

    26. This silicone spoon rest will keep your counters clean when you're cooking.

    27. And last but most definitely not least, these oven liners will protect the base of your cooker from spills and stains.

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