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    17 Products To Try If You Love To Cook But Hate To Clean

    Let's face it, we'd all be chefs by now if it wasn't for the washing up.

    1. These easy-wipe hob covers can be trimmed to fit your cooker and because they're easy to remove, they can be washed like a plate when they get a bit grubby.

    2. We've all got at least one pot that could do with some TLC, and that's exactly what these low-hassle carborundum sponges offer.

    3. These fridge liners will help to prevent that gross puddle forming at the bottom of your fruit and veg when you store them.

    4. If you've got a compost bin, you're probably sick of how hard (and gross) it can be to clean after you empty it. These eco-friendly bin bags biodegrade along with your carrot peels, so they're perfect for keeping your compost bins and your conscience clear!

    5. These waste collection baskets clip right over the top of your under-the-counter cupboards to ensure a seamless scrap collection system.

    6. This clever chopping board folds up, so you can funnel any food you chop on it into pots, pans, or bowls cleanly and efficiently rather than messily scraping it in from a flat surface.

    7. That awkward space in between your hob and your countertops can be a real food and dust trap. Seal it up without having to whip out a toolbox (or risk your deposit) with this simple silicone strip!

    8. This lil' scrubbing brush is perfect for cleaning your pans without damaging them.

    9. These eco-friendly scourers make cleaning pots and pans easier than it would be with a regular brush.

    10. It's a lot easier to keep on top of annoying little spills and stains if you've always got something absorbent to hand. This bamboo kitchen roll is as convenient and effective as the normal kind with the added bonus of being completely reusable!

    11. Washing your sink every time you do your dishes is a much better alternative to waiting until it gets gross enough to scrub it down, which is why this handy extender is so smart.

    12. This crumb-catching bread board is a great way to ensure your counters stay crumb-free when you're slicing bread.

    13. If you love growing your own food but hate the mess it sometimes comes with, this jute bag is perfect. It's lined with leak-proof plastic that prevents soil and liquid alike from leaving the bag!

    14. If you've ever cleaned your oven, you'll probably want to delay doing it again for as long as possible. These Teflon-coated oven liners are a great way to protect the base and shelves in there!

    15. If you're finding your new baking addiction can be a little messy, this non-stick pastry mat will help to keep your countertops clean while improving your bakes.

    16. This heart-shaped spoon rest is 1) adorable and 2) the perfect place to store your wooden spoon while you're cooking without leaving any spills behind.

    17. Good organisation is a great way to keep your kitchen clean without having to scrub it, and these personalised caddies are a great storage solution.