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    21 Personalised Gifts From Not On The High Street That Are As Thoughtful As They Are Unique

    These are almost too cute to handle. ALMOST.

    1. Select your fave images for this pull-out photo album.

    2. Don't mind me, just losing it over this mini terrarium keyring. Add a message of your choice for a personal touch!

    3. You can personalise both the design of these gorgeous charms AND the messages that sit underneath them in the gift box!

    4. Put their name and birth flower on the label of a bottle of gin, champagne, prosecco, or wine!

    5. Leave a thoughtful note in this letterbox-friendly organic spa kit. It contains some luxe handmade soap, an indulgent moisturiser bar, fragrant bath salts, and more!

    6. You can customise the name and birthstone on this stunning necklace (because there's no such thing as too much personalisation IMO).

    7. This metal street sign will have their name written all over it (literally).

    8. They'll seriously treasure this personalised candle. Scent options include sandalwood & black pepper, wild fig & cassis, and black raspberry & vanilla, among many others!

    9. Musicians will appreciate this made-to-order tin of plectrums.

    10. Add a custom location AND a thoughtful note to this adorable keepsake.

    11. This makeup bag is covered in reversible sequins that can be turned over to reveal their name!

    12. Looking for a unique birthday gift? These chocolates will tell them how many days old they are in the most delicious way possible.

    13. Bookworms are sure to love this A5 notebook that looks like a literary classic. Pop their name on the cover for a present they'll want to write home about!

    14. This gorgeous jute bag has some adorable 'floating around the farmers' market' vibes.

    15. I can't think of a better gift for newborns than this super-soft knitted elephant. Their name will be printed in one of its ears!

    16. If they love practical gifts, they'll probably be delighted with this monogrammed cork wallet.

    17. This decorative family tree plate is plantastic (I'm so sorry).

    18. Not only is this photo booth-style bookmark cute AF, its durable metal material will last for ages too!

    19. Get their portrait hand-painted onto this gorgeous keepsake plate.

    20. This personalised bottle opener is as useful as it is thoughtful!

    21. There's something so touching about this family tree necklace that has monogrammed 'leaves'.

    Footage of them opening these gifts: