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    44 Foolproof Mother's Day Gifts You Can Get From Amazon Right Now

    There's something on here for everyone!

    1. This coffee mug honestly says it all.

    2. This Cath Kidston hand cream trio feels incredible and smells delicious.

    3. How sweet are these quacking tongs that get slices out of your toaster for you?

    4. This Burt's Bees gift set comes in an adorable box and includes vanilla-scented lip balm and cuticle cream.

    5. If they're a new mum, this lil' clay tin is the perfect place to store their memories. They can cast their child's handprints or footprints in the most mess-free, fuss-free way possible!

    6. If they love to read, this Bourbon-shaped magnetic bookmark is fun AND functional.

    7. You can put whatever message you like on this highly-rated, personalised chocolate bar!

    8. If you're a bit strapped for cash but still want to give them a gift they'll love, one of these plush panda fridge magnets might help you out.

    9. These pink Himalayan salt tealight holders are a stunning way to add some cosiness to a room.

    10. I'm not saying you have to get the soundwaves of their favourite song printed on this gorge poster. I'm just saying, it'd be really impressive if you did.

    11. This box of favours has vouchers for everything from making a cup of tea to a "winning the argument" pass, along with some blank cards.

    12. Show your mum how you really feel with this little jar of big thanks, which is filled with tiny messages of gratitude than she can go through whenever she needs to.

    13. There are enough bath bombs in this pack to last your mum ages.

    14. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, And The Horse is the perfect mix of readable and inspirational. It's filled with uplifting and insightful messages alongside beautiful illustrations!

    15. Give them the spa experience *without* the massive price tag by getting this stunning lavender bath kit instead. It contains everything from a bath bomb to a scrub and comes in a gorge gift box!

    16. These assorted chocolate truffles come in a gorgeous box.

    17. If your mum loves to cook, Ottolenghi's Simple cookbook is chock-full of recipes that are the perfect mix of adventurous and achievable.

    18. Plan a night in with your mum and treat yourselves to these highly-rated Korean face masks.

    19. If they love a good brain teaser (which, same), this mindfulness puzzle book will give them all the games they love packaged in a seriously lovely cover.

    20. A family photo in this gorge frame? Yeah, that'll get you some serious brownie points.

    21. How gorge is this wrapping paper?!

    22. And speaking of brownies, these ceramic measuring spoons are perfect for bakers.

    23. This jumbo mug has a pocket for biscuits (yesss).

    24. This Hotel Chocolat gin collection is super indulgent.

    25. This wholesome kit contains everything she'll need to grow her own herbs indoors.

    26. Give her a way to decorate her space with these firefly lights.

    27. Either prepare a shimmering, colour-changing bottle of gin for your mum with this kit or give it to her as a fun project. Or, you two can make it together (aww)!

    28. These gorgeous wine glasses are slightly iridescent.

    29. How incredibly cute is this lil' egg cup?

    30. You can put their name on this personalised makeup bag.

    31. This perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten some rave reviews!

    32. Customers love these simple flower-shaped earrings, which come in a gift box!

    33. This teapot for one set is simple *chef's kiss*.

    34. This satin dressing gown is available in nine different colours, including a pale pink and an off-white.

    35. I'm just saying, running a bath for your mum and then putting one of these shelves on it with some wine and a couple of candles probably won't go unappreciated.

    36. The lil' cup is almost unbearably sweet.

    37. These floating candles have a burn time of 4.5 hours.

    38. These salt and pepper shakers are a pretty adorable (and practical) way to symbolise your relationship.

    39. These pretty coasters are cute as a button.

    40. This pack of 12 gorgeous gift bags will 1) probably do a better job of wrapping your gifts that you would, 2) will fit a variety of shapes, and 3) will last you long past Mother's Day.

    41. This lil' card is pretty without being cheesy.

    42. Add some much-needed comfort to your mum's life with this bath pillow.

    43. This 2020 almanac is filled with seasonal recipes, useful facts, and stunning illustrations, making it perfect for gardeners, home cooks, or just anyone who loves the outdoors!

    44. And last but not least, these foxy oven gloves are incredible.