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    23 Low-Effort, High-Reward Products That Are Perfect For Lazy People

    It's me, I'm people.

    1. Hate cleaning the varnish from the side of your nails? This peel-off nail polish barrier has got your back!

    2. Is there a more hassle-free way to make your shoes smell fresh than these odour neutralisers?

    3. What if your coffee machine could know when you're going to wake up and have a hot cup of java ready the second your alarm goes off? Guess what, folks – this one can!

    4. Always forget to water your plants? Don't worry, these (low-key genius) push-in globes will do it for you.

    5. These geometric hair clips will make you look more put-together in seconds.

    6. This eyeliner stamp will save you so. Much. Effort.

    7. Scrubbing the tiles by your shower for ages is one way to clean off mould. This easy-peasy mould removal spray is another.

    8. This stuff will clean your dishwasher AND your washing machine for you.

    9. Can't be bothered to pluck your eyebrows? Try these handy eyebrow razors!

    10. You'll only need to buy these makeup remover cloths once! All you need to make them work is water.

    11. Make cleaning the hob so much easier with these hob covers that protect your cooker!

    12. This hairstyling set will help you style your hair in minutes, so it's perfect for when you've slept in.

    13. These micellar makeup removal wipes from Garnier are perfect if committing to a double cleanse routine seems like too much effort.

    14. Magic Erasers honestly live up to their name, and they're a lot less hassle than other cleaning products.

    15. This stuff cleans your cup in no time!

    16. These under-eye shields will make sure you don't get fallout, so you can get a smoky eye without the faff of having to clean up with a concealer.

    17. This egg cooker will basically become your own personal chef.

    18. You won't have to fill in your eyebrows for ages after using this dybrow tinting kit!

    19. These spot patches will extract the gunk from your spots for you.

    20. These scrunchies will turn your day-three hair into a ~look~ in no time.

    21. You could spend ages cleaning out the stains from leaks in your bin, or you could just use some of this Bin Buddy powder instead.

    22. Chopping veg can take a lot of effort. This mandoline will do all the hard work for you!

    23. You can cook rice in the microwave with this incredible lil' cooker!

    Actual footage of me after buying everything on this list:

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