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    26 Low-Effort Products To Help You Look More Put Together In Minutes

    You might be in a rush, but you don't need to look like it.

    1. These eyebrow pencils from NYX have a spoolie and a tapered pencil, meaning your brows will look full but not blocky.

    2. This Maybelline tinted lip balm is pigmented enough to give you a ~look~, but moisturising enough to hydrate your lips. This one comes in eight shades (my personal fave is the caramel colour!)

    3. Headbands finish an outfit in seconds! This pack of four includes a pretty pastel pink.

    4. Some cute earrings will make a plain outfit pop – this set of 12 gives you loads of stunning options.

    5. This scarf looks v v cosy, and it's eye-catching enough to look like you've made an effort without much work.

    6. This pen stain remover will get rid of the splotches on your clothes in seconds!

    7. Put your hair up in a jiffy with one of these pretty geometric clips...

    8. ...or make a bun in moments with one of these, which come in sets of three different colours.

    9. A good concealer will make you look refreshed in moments. This Maybelline Fit Me concealer comes in six different shades!

    10. This anti-frizz serum will smooth out your hair really easily.

    11. Some colourful velvet scrunchies will give you cute '90s vibes instantly. This set comes with 40(!) different colours!

    12. People love this Maybelline mascara – long lashes basically transform your face.

    13. This fabric shaver will get rid of the bobbles from your clothes! Don't worry, it won't hurt your fave material – you can adjust the height of this shaver, so it'll only cut off the bits that stick out.

    14. Try some spot patches if those pesky zits are bothering you (you can wear these ones under makeup!)

    15. Chuck these braces on for a bit of a look. They're available in 26 fun colours!

    16. These tights come in 25 different colours, and they'll make your outfit look way more considered. They run from sizes S- XL!

    17. Banish oily makeup with these 100% natural oil blotters!

    18. Who among us can say Bastiste dry shampoo hasn't saved the day at least once.

    19. This smudge-proof, waterproof eyeliner stamp gives you a handy cat eye in moments.

    20. This collar will fit under your fave jumper to make it look like a decision.

    21. This lipstick from Rimmel will make you feel way more put together. You can get it in 17 different colours (I love the vampy Oh-So-Wicked one!)

    22. This little sash belt will pull loads of outfits together, and because it's tied rather than buckled, there's more flexibility with sizes.

    23. Playful socks inject some fun into your usual outfits. How cute are these lil' cat and dog pairs?

    24. Pop one of these ribbon hair ties on your ponytail for a more finished look in no time!

    25. This sweet whale necklace will instantly perk you up.

    26. You can't go wrong with a good under-eye roller in the morning to de-puff your eyes.