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    Mar 26, 2020

    21 Craft And Hobby Products From Etsy That You'll Probably Be Working On For A While

    Perfect if you're here for a good time AND a long time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. You'll be over the moon with this beginner-friendly embroidery kit, which comes with everything you need to get started.


    The pack contains an embroidery hoop, navy linen, a spare sheet of fabric to practise on, thread, six needles, an illustrated booklet about each stitch, a diagram, an instruction guide, and some tutorials (phew). Customers say they've been amazed at how easy the instructions make it to pick the stitches up, and the results are stunning!

    Price: £19.95.

    2. You can personalise this 300-piece jigsaw puzzle with whatever image you like.


    Just choose whatever image you want to put on this large puzzle and you'll be left with a personalised jigsaw! The challenging 500-piece size will keep you going for a while.

    Price: £10.75.

    3. This Peep Show activity book is crammed with fan-favourite images to colour in, fun "spot the difference" puzzles, and more!


    The perfect way to keep fans busy, this lil' book has seriously impressed customers who love how in-depth and entertaining it is! Plus, I mean, it doesn't hurt that it'll give you change from £2.

    Price: £1.49.

    4. Take up calligraphy with these stunning essentials.


    The pack has three pointed nibs, a pot of black ink, a wooden pen holder that's designed to fit any nib, and a gorgeous storage tin. There's a handy set of instructions included in the pack, too!

    Price: £13.99.

    5. You can personalise this wood-bound sketchbook with your name.


    Covered in a stunning oak veneer, this sketchbook is filled with thick, luxurious paper.

    Price: £22.00 for an A5 size.

    6. Get crafty with this bath bomb-making kit. Aside from being really fun, this kit is great value for money too – you'll get about 15-20 bath bombs out of the pack!


    The only additional thing you'll need is water – everything else is included in the pack! Reviewers rave about how good the bath bombs smell once they're completed, and folks love how fun they are to make, too.

    Price: £12.50.

    7. If you love the idea of making your own jewellery, this earring-making kit has everything you'll need to design your own hoops.


    Filled with ten differently-sized hoops, backings, and decorations, this kit will get you making your earrings your way in no time.

    Price: £14.10.

    8. This piping kit has a huge variety of different tips, piping bags, and an angled spatula, making it the perfect way to turn your bakes into showstoppers.


    Its 29 piping tips are numbered for easy reference, and the 22 icing bags will see you through loads of baking sessions! There are two silicone pastry bags in the pack, an angled spatula, three couplers, two flower nails, and a cleaning brush.

    Price: £17.11 for 52 pieces.

    9. Knit your own socks with this incredible kit!


    The sock pattern, wool, and needles are already in this pack – the only thing you'll need to add is some time and patience. You can choose from seven different colour schemes, including green, red, and turquoise!

    Price: £11.50.

    10. Redecorate your walls hassle-free with this stick-on wallpaper. It's fully removable, so you won't need to worry about damaging your walls!


    Aside from looking incredible, this easy-to-apply wallpaper is simple and mess-free to remove. Customers have been amazed by how well it's transformed everything from their walls to their cupboards and shelves!

    Price: £3.00 for a 60.3 x 60.3cm roll.

    11. You can make your own fruit wine with anything from apricots to apples to grapefruit or elderflower (and loads more) with this Hedgerow wine kit.


    There are tons of recipes to choose from, including beetroot, cherry, and coconut (among others). The pack gives you yeast, stabilisers, finings, enzymes (to prevent cloudy wine), citric acid, a straining cloth, and some very clear and detailed instructions on how to get started!

    Price: £6.99.

    12. Make your own watercolour paints with the pigments in this adorable tin! You can mix them up to make unique colours, or just use the striking shades on their own.


    Add some water to these pigment blocks and watch them transform into gorgeous, shimmering watercolour paints! You can control how thick or runny the paint is based on how much water you add, and folks say the results are stunning. Add colours from other "choose your own" listings to personalise your palette from 22 shades!

    Price: £5.40 for a block and a tin.

    13. Make your own Easter eggs with this incredible kit.


    Pour melted chocolate inside the moulds, slowly turn them so that the chocolate is evenly distributed, and then wait for the chocolate to cool. Once the two halves have hardened, remove them from the mould, gently heat up the edges of both sides and stick them together (at this point you can fill your egg with your favourite chocolates, or even chuck in a little note it you're gifting the egg to somebody else!). The pack contains two half-shell moulds, 500g of Belgian chocolate, and eight other mini moulds for decorations. The set makes between five and eight eggs.

    Price: £15.99.

    14. If you're going to learn origami, you might as well do it with this stunning paper.


    It works for everything from origami to decoupage and scrapbooking – customers say it feels (and looks) incredibly ~luxe~ no matter what they use it for!

    Price: £6.50 for a 45 x 61cm sheet.

    15. These celestial nail wraps are out of this world (and if the reviews are anything to go by, they're really simple to apply too).


    Just smooth this moon-covered sheet against your nails, cut the impressed pieces to shape, and apply them to your nails via the adhesive backing. Customers say that these decals look great on their nails, and they're incredibly easy to apply too!

    Price: £3.60 per sheet.

    16. You can finally clean out and organise your cupboards with these personalised caddies.


    You can get whatever text you'd like put on the front of these organisers, and you can choose from five different colour schemes too (including black and white and white and silver). There are small and medium pots available, while the boxes and trays come in large!

    Price: £8.00 for a medium box.

    17. You can choose whether the pages of this stunning diary are blank, lined, dotted, or have grids on them based on how you like to journal.


    Keep your thoughts with you in this pretty notebook! You can get it in A5, A6, and extra small sizes, and you'll be able to decide whether you want it to have 60 or 100 pages, too.

    Price: £5.75 for a lined A5 notebook.

    18. You can easily make your own face masks with bentonite clay by mixing it with some apple cider vinegar or water. One of these 17-20 piece packs should be enough to last you ages!


    Make a simple and effective face mask in moments with this clay, which can be used on its own or in conjunction with other ingredients, like honey!

    Price: £6.26.

    19. Make your own soap with this lavender-scented set.


    There are detailed instructions included in the kit, along with everything you need to start making the soap (from jojoba and lavender oil to a vegan soap base and a pretty mould). One pack will make three large bars of soap!

    Price: £16.99.

    20. Make your own gummy bears (yes, really) with this kit.


    The pack includes a silicone tray, instructions, and a meltable gummy formula. There are a variety of different colours and flavours in the pack, from blackcurrant to apple, so you can make these bad boys fit your tastes *exactly*. One pack contains enough to make about 140 sweets, and after you're done with the gummy mix inside, you can reuse the tray for more gummy bears or just for fun ice cubes!

    Price: £8.77.

    21. And last but not least, you can make your own lil' furry friend with this felting kit.


    There's no sewing or stitching involved with this process – just shape the wool into the form the instructions tell you to make with the needles included. The pack has step-by-step photographs and instructions, a size guide, two felting needles, a needle and thread (plus some beads for the eyes), a foam felting pad, and all the wool you'll need to complete the project.

    Price: £17.90.