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    27 Irish Tweets That Made Me Laugh So Hard I Got Abs

    "I wonder if Dua Lipa ever refers to Anwar as her Fella Hadid"


    my mam when she walks into my room


    When the moon hits your knees and you mispronounce trees; sycamore


    the spider in my house seeing me having a crying fit over it: 👀👀👄👀👀


    Training a fella in in work , a pizza restaurant , had him serve a table last night and they asked for a Margherita and his response was that we don’t sell cocktails 🙈😳


    I personally think a Twirl doesn’t get enough recognition as a great chocolate bar. A flake with it’s shit together. A business flake


    a place i handed a CV into two years ago rang me today like do u still need a job isn’t that mad i still do and all


    “That’s a WAP” - Jonathan Ross ending his show



    Another victory for the Protestants.


    can’t stop thinking about me, thirteen years old, watching Jedward on X Factor, totally unaware that in just over a decade I would be praising them as one of the clearest and most direct voices of reason during a global pandemic


    a heartbreaking story for any retail worker in four words: “you’re on early lunch”


    a pizza ? don’t you mean a garlic sauce shovel


    I keep mistaking my Jadedldn package for a Dunnes cooked chicken


    Apparently there’s a virus going around called Corona virus..... what’s next a Coors Light virus or Heineken virus


    The first people to open a pharmacy: “Okay so what do we sell?” “Mainly medicine” (Pause) “And sunglasses?” “Obviously also sunglasses”


    always loved how the irish for leaving cert is An Ardteist because like..... yeah it is quite an 'ard tesht


    ‘Awh it’s mad isn’t it, yeah strange world now, yeah do you mind putting the mask over your nose love, ah I know but you have to, yes the price has gone up, I know it’s out of my control sadly, no you can’t tap over €50’ every fucking god damn day lord give me STRENGTH


    my sister who is 14 months older than me got bloody engaged on the cliffs of moher yesterday whilst i sat at home and taught myself the dance to WAP 🥴 it’s not an easy life folks x


    Remember I think it was maybe season 2 or 3 of lockdown when yanks tried to cancel Dustin the turkey


    I wonder if Dua Lipa ever refers to Anwar as her Fella Hadid


    has any franchise taken as wild a turn as Brooklyn? Brooklyn 2-98 were a real journey


    Just found out what the number 7 was in Irish I was surprised


    Ireland scrambling to decide whether this is Catholic or Protestant before Christmas season begins.


    u ever meet someone who’s absolutely lovely but they’ve simply had it way too easy in life to ever be someone u can vibe with


    ‘✨She believed she could, so she did✨’ - me eating an M&S meal for 2 by myself


    drama in trinity going up to 564 points is so RIDICULOUS imagine having to get h1s in shit like maths and biology to go into a course where we roll around on the ground and pretend to be trees :’((


    It's Normal People but they go to UCD and never manage to bump into each other due to the sheer fucking scale of the place.

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