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    18 Irish Tweets That Made Me Laugh So Hard My Forehead Vein Showed

    "The average Irish person whispers 'now' to themselves nearly 743 times every day".


    Gutted. Was supposed to be attending a wedding in Trinidad, but it’s just been cancelled. Family won’t say why.

    Twitter: @daraobriain


    If I was invited to the Met Gala I would wear the dress of my people. A pink Mayo jersey and a white skinny jean x

    Twitter: @harpersbizzaro


    Twitter: @glandularniamh


    Respectfully this is a debs dress from 2009

    Twitter: @gilleechi


    unpopular opinion: mont saint-michel is a crannóg

    Twitter: @popeurbanfox


    Lad you’d swear we weren’t bating around with these till about three years ago tis a fucking window winder not a fulacht fia

    Twitter: @spochadoir


    When you're bitching about someone it's important to have a near panic attack and check to see if your phone spontaneously called them before continuing

    Twitter: @killersundymann


    “the irish weren’t colonisers” do you not remember what u2 did to your iphone?

    Twitter: @weIfarecheat


    The Siege of Ennis...

    Twitter: @DermotKeyes


    When two Irish people meet they have 30 seconds to find a person they have in common or both of them will die

    Twitter: @killersundymann


    hat companies gotta make their hats bigger. some people are irish

    Twitter: @lunch_enjoyer


    My mam is going to London for six days and had left my dad an entire drawer of cooked spuds in the fridge 😭❤️

    Twitter: @becca_laffan


    Twitter: @PegSeptic


    Why does Tom Daley look like he's about to sing Dancing Queen with Julie Walters and Christine Baranski

    Twitter: @imshanereaction


    Guy came up to me in the club in my Tyrone shirt with my man and was like “so you’re gay and from tyrone? Fair play” and you can’t put it fairer than that really.

    Twitter: @seanbgoneill


    There won’t be a roof thatched in the Ulster American folk park for a fortnight

    Twitter: @BigDirtyFry


    Mad how when your doctor tells you not to drink on antibiotics we’re all like… be grand. But once your lash girl tells you not to get your lashes wet for 24 hours you’re wearing goggles in the shower that night

    Twitter: @yupfinglas


    The average Irish person whispers "now" to themselves nearly 743 times every day

    Twitter: @killersundymann

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