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    41 Ridiculously Highly-Rated Gifts Under £10

    Cheap AND well-reviewed? Yes, please.

    1. This infinity bracelet is absolutely charming.

    2. You can't go too far wrong with an absolutely massive bar of Cadbury milk chocolate (especially when it costs less than £10).

    3. Let your mum know just how much you care about her by nabbing this unbearably cute mug.

    4. Struggling to find a gift that's perfect for folks of all ages? The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, And The Horse is here to solve that problem! It's packed full of stunning illustrations and short but powerful mantras.

    5. These decadent salted caramel truffles from Lindt have seriously wowed reviewers.

    6. And customers swear by (sorry) this slightly rude adult colouring book too!

    7. Don't mind me, just losing it over how cheap this set of six matte waterproof lip paints are.

    8. Friends fans will adore this cushion cover. You can choose from a selection of nine iconic quotes!

    9. These astronaut earrings are out of this world.

    10. I've given these 'unicorn poo' bath bombs to several of my friends, and every single one of them has been a huge fan. Oh, and don't let the name fool you — they have a gorgeous raspberry scent!

    11. The lil' squirrels in these self-adhesive hooks pop out when you place objects onto their tails(!!!). They're an ideal gift for your most practical pals!

    12. If they love books AND biscuits, this magnetic bookmark might just become their new favourite thing.

    13. These low-effort slides will help them to style their day-three hair.

    14. Indulge their inner chocoholic with this box of Ferrero Raffaello truffles. The box contains coconut-covered white chocolate treats!

    15. This faux leather credit card holder looks like it costs way more than it actually does.

    16. Folks say that the shades in this inexpensive eyeshadow palette are really highly-pigmented. There's a combination of glam sparkly hues and wearable matte colours!

    17. There's something incredibly cool (I'm so sorry) about these ice cream-themed socks.

    18. This stellar tapestry is sure to stun.

    19. I use this eyebrow pencil from Maybelline myself and have been impressed by how precise it is. It'll make a perfect gift for beauty buffs!

    20. And if they're into skincare, they'll seriously appreciate this hyaluronic acid serum. It'll ensure that the moisture that's already in their skin stays there, giving a plumper, more hydrated look!

    21. This lil' porcelain elephant comes in the most adorable matchbox packaging.

    22. Put the 'pretty' in 'a pretty useful gift' with these mini succulent-shaped fridge magnets.

    23. Upgrade their bed while also treating their hair and skin with these luxe satin pillowcases.

    24. This trio of Burt's Bees lip balms comes in a stunning honeypot-shaped container.

    25. Hydrate, exfoliate, and nourish their skin with this set of sheet masks from Garnier.

    26. Give the gift of glam nails by nabbing this rose gold-coloured glittery nail polish from Essie.

    27. This eyelash serum is packed full of lash-lengthening peptides.

    28. They'll be able to brighten and exfoliate their skin hassle-free thanks to this vitamin C-infused tonic from NIP+FAB.

    29. These decadent gold-coloured under-eye masks are packed full of plumping collagen.

    30. I'm honestly struggling to believe that this 18-piece set of makeup brushes costs less than £10.

    31. Help them to de-stress for less by getting them this Calma Llama squeeze toy.

    32. These globe-shaped fairy lights are the perfect mix of fun and sophisticated.

    33. I'm in love with this geometric oil burner.

    34. Light up their day (literally) with this 'Warm and Cosy' Yankee Candle! It smells of eucalyptus, cedar, and cashmere.

    35. Get whatever message you like engraved onto this credit card-sized metal wallet insert.

    36. They'll feel like Don Draper whenever they bring out these (completely reusable) whiskey stones. They cool drinks down without diluting them!

    37. This stunning bag contains a Vaseline lip balm and some deeply hydrating hand cream. It's one of those works-for-everyone gifts that are great to keep on hand for those people on your list who are hard to buy for!

    38. It you're after a unique gift that nobody else will have gotten them, this 'Grow Your Own Sloth' kit is here to help.

    39. Just when I thought that this trio of mini hand creams from Cath Kidston couldn't get any better, I saw the teeny-tiny hedgehogs on their labels.

    40. This personalised makeup bag actually does have their name written all over it.

    41. You'll get some serious bang for your buck with this mini spa gift set from Sanctuary Spa. It contains some shower gel, a tub of body scrub, body butter, and a loofah!

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