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    54 Gifts To Buy Yourself If Santa Seriously Let You Down This Year

    Listen, it's okay to say that that shower set did NOT cut the mustard.

    1. There's something so soothing about this mini paint-by-numbers Bob Ross set.

    2. Make the most relaxing part of your day even *better* with these bath pearls.

    3. Look, you're an adult. What's stopping you from finally buying yourself the Egyptology book we all wanted at the Scholastic fair?

    4. You can't go too far wrong with an absolutely massive bar of Cadbury milk chocolate (especially when it costs less than £6).

    5. This incredible nail polish changes colour according to the temperature of the room it's in!

    6. Not only do these satin pillowcases look luxe AF, but they'll *also* be kind to your hair and skin.

    7. These well-reviewed memory foam slippers are perfect for homebodies.

    8. If you wanted something you'll actually *use*, this vacuum-sealed double-walled Contigo flask is a great way to keep your hot drinks hot on the go.

    9. Hydrate your skin from the inside out with this hyaluronic acid serum from The Inkey List.

    10. Having bought this V-shaped pillow myself, I can honestly say it's the best purchase you'll ever make for your bed.

    11. Upgrade your shower sitch with this triple-pack of pouffes.

    12. These Friends bath fizzers are the bomb (sorry).

    13. Give yourself an at-home spa day with this extensive bath and body kit.

    14. If you want some *drama*, these hot chocolate bombes are delicious AND fun.

    15. This large two-wick candle smells of white tea leaves.

    16. Snap up Maybelline's 'Fit Me' concealer for less than four Great British pounds.

    17. Reviewers have been wowed by the quality of these matte lipsticks. The packaging is stunning too!

    18. These pastel-hued highlighters work just as well as the regular kinds, but look way prettier.

    19. How cute are these lil' daisy hair clips?!

    20. These genius lights have a cork-shaped battery pack, so they'll fit effortlessly into wine bottles.

    21. This 'Broken Fingaz' art book is so pretty, it basically doubles up as decor.

    22. And the same goes for this Alice Neel book.

    23. Settle in for a great night's sleep with this ridiculously highly-rated contoured eye mask! It might just prevent the sunshine from waking you up at 5AM, and it comes with earplugs too.

    24. I can't be the only one who wants to buy these mini Nutella jars just because they're tiny. I mean, look at them!

    25. These heart-shaped candles couldn't be any cuter if they tried.

    26. De-stress with one of these essential oil roller balls. You can choose from six soothing aromas!

    27. The shades in this eyeshadow palette are incredibly highly-pigmented. There's a combination of matte and sparkly hues, so you can use it for everyday use or more glam *lewks*!

    28. You know when you convince yourself that a new journal will completely change your life? Well not to be dramatic, but this gorgeous celestial one actually might.

    29. Enjoy a lower-commitment version of Monopoly with this highly-rated card game.

    30. These Himalayan salt fairy lights will create a calming ~vibe~ in your bedroom – just be careful to place them out of the reach of pets!

    31. This gorgeous sheet mask is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and revitalising pomegranate extract.

    32. Decorate your room with this gorgeous moon lamp! It's touch-activated, so you'll be able to adjust the brightness with a simple tap.

    33. People swear by this lavender-scented pillow spray.

    34. Relieve some tension with this massager ball. It's small enough to carry around in your handbag!

    35. If baking is super calming for you, these reusable cupcake holders are about to become your new favourite things.

    36. I can't think of anything more relaxing than cracking open this bumper box of biscuit bars while watching Netflix.

    37. Unleash your artsy side with these beginner-friendly watercolour brush pens.

    38. This gorgeous planner will help you to keep on top of everyday tasks.

    39. This waterproof liner pen has gotten some rave reviews from people who say it really does stay all day.

    40. Good brushes make it easy to apply your makeup flawlessly, so it's a good thing this inexpensive set is so highly-rated!

    41. I am absolutely losing it over these mouse-shaped ankle socks.

    42. This foxy scarf will keep you cosy in style.

    43. WFH desk looking a little chaotic right now? It might be time to invest in this (kind of gorgeous) organiser.

    44. This hot chocolate gift set is perfect for colder weather.

    45. Transform your tresses with Olaplex's No.3 Hair Perfector.

    46. This gold-plated constellation necklace comes in all the signs of the zodiac.

    47. Grow your own bonsai tree with this incredible kit.

    48. This cosy tartan scarf is 1) gorgeous, 2) incredibly warm, and 3) bloody massive. What's not to love?!

    49. I don't think that this star-patterned wax melt burner could look any prettier if it tried.

    50. If you love books AND biscuits, this magnetic bookmark might just become your new favourite thing.

    51. Sorry, but this woven rainbow wall hanging has absolutely no right to look as good as it does.

    52. Change the colour of your favourite tipple with this gin-infusing set.

    53. This vanilla-scented bath set contains a luxurious hand cream, some indulgent body lotion, a fancy AF shower gel, and so much more!

    54. This Miller Harris 'Tabac' candle is honestly the best one I've ever smelled. It's spicy, musky, and slightly sweet – in a word, it smells *premium*.