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    13 Genuinely Useful Products For People With Long Hair

    It's me, I'm people.

    1. This flexible drain cleaner, which will pull all those tresses from your shower.

    2. This shampoo hose attachment, which you can put on your taps to get a hairdresser's basin at home.

    3. Some coil hair ties, because heavy ponytails pull on your scalp.

    4. A boar bristle hair brush, which distributes oil from your scalp evenly throughout your hair.

    5. This really hydrating argan oil hair mask, perfect for parched ends.

    6. Keep your hair away from your face while you're putting on makeup or washing your face with these handy bands.

    7. Some Kérastase shampoo, specifically designed for strengthening long hair.

    8. Some satin scrunchies, which are cute and helpful.

    9. Some hair sectioning clips (drying your hair all the way through can be an ordeal without them.)

    10. And while we're on the topic, this super absorbent microfibre turban is really useful for drying your hair too.

    11. Long hair can be a pain to style, so save some time with these extra strong slides.

    12. This detangling brush for when your hair has gone through it.

    13. A handheld vacuum cleaner, because long hair gets everywhere.