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    26 Storage Products That Are So Cute They're Practically Decor

    Pretty and practical is the dream combo TBH.

    1. Keep your sponges in this copper-coloured holder, which has handy suction pads that stick to ceramic and metal sinks. Not only does it looks great, it helps your sponges drain directly into the sink too!

    2. You can store your cotton buds in this pretty holder!

    3. If you can never find your keys, consider getting this handy magnetic holder. The birds are a part of a keyring that you can attach your keys too, and they slot right into the holder when you get home! Plus, the installation is easy – just peel the paper off the adhesive back and put it wherever you like.

    4. You can store your stuff in this gorgeous ottoman, available in five different colours.

    5. Or if you'd prefer something smaller, one of these adorable animal footstools (with handy AF storage) will be an incredible addition to your home.

    6. Keep clothes, underwear, and more under your bed or in your wardrobe with this large folding box! Or just leave it near your tumble dryer as a handy laundry hamper or in your room to store whatever you like. It's got a drawstring stop too, so whatever you put in it won't get dusty, and is available in 11 different designs.

    7. Or if you're after something smaller, these baskets are perfect for dividing shelves and drawers, or just for storing your bits and bobs in.

    8. Hang these storage pockets over your door to help yourself save as much space as possible. It's got a waterproofed backing and folds up for easy storage if you ever want to put it away (but when it looks this good, why would you?)

    9. This geometric holder can store up to seven bottles. It's made from durable coated iron, so it should last you ages!

    10. This set of six mini storage pots is perfect for everything from jewellery to sugar and spices. They've got double-cover lids, and they're small enough to carry in your handbag too.

    11. You'll save about two thirds of the space of a regular cutlery tray with this sleek Joseph Joseph organiser, which has compartments that are angled for easy removal of the cutlery inside.

    12. This sheep holder will organise your toilet rolls in the cutest way possible.

    13. This corner shelf requires no drilling (it's applied with an incredibly strong adhesive patch that's included in the pack), and you can close or open up the two shelves to fit corners that are bigger or smaller than a right angle.

    14. This sleek bag dispenser will keep your shopping bags together AND make it easy to reach them (goodbye, rummaging under the sink for ages). The brushed steel surface is easy to clean, and it comes with extra-strong double-sided adhesive tape for easy installation.

    15. Store your makeup brushes, pencils, and more in this holder, available in both rose gold and gold.

    16. This storage ladder is just *chef's kiss*. It works as a bookshelf, a low-commitment display cabinet, a bathroom unit, a second wardrobe, and so much more.

    17. How sweet is this storage bin?!

    18. This jewellery box is compact but incredibly well-organised, so there's something for every piece you own. Plus, it would look incredible pretty much anywhere in your room!

    19. This trinket box looks like it costs way more than it does, and it's available in blush pink and cool grey.

    20. This lil' makeup sponge holder will give you somewhere to store your blender and a way for it to dry hygienically and easily.

    21. This toothbrush holder is tiny but impactful! It has a handy suction cup at the back which allows you to stick it to your mirror or your tiles.

    22. From books to clothes to groceries, this wicker basket can hold 'em all (and look good while it's doing it).

    23. This industrial-style side table would look equally good in your living room and in your bedroom, and it's got enough room to hold plenty of stuff too.

    24. LEGO fans will love this storage head.

    25. This sleek makeup organiser looks like it could belong almost anywhere without standing out, from the desk in your bedroom to your bathroom countertops.

    26. This large woven basket is big enough to act as a laundry hamper, bathroom storage, and more.

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