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    24 Cute But Inexpensive Home Accessories Under £15

    From gorge oven gloves to an adorable duvet set.

    1. Some avocado salt and pepper shakers.

    2. Some cat coasters.

    3. Pretty star-shaped string lights.

    4. Look at these tiny cactus fridge magnets.

    5. These lights, which you can use like a cork to make pretty bottle decor.

    6. This unspeakably cute mug.

    7. These genius cactus candles.

    8. This duvet set which is cute and anti-allergic.

    9. Another incredible mug, but this time with a LID.

    10. Oven gloves that offer both style and heatproof substance.

    11. These hanging storage pockets are really pretty and v functional.

    12. This neon cactus light is my new obsession.

    13. These stunning full moon lamps are dimmable!

    14. A stunning copper cage lampshade.

    15. This seal cushion that will make you say "aww" every time you see it.

    16. An incredibly sweet panda rug.

    17. Yet another cute mug, because you can't really have enough TBH.

    18. Tea towels, but make them decor too.

    19. This elephant plant pot is almost aggressively adorable.

    20. This cute cloud cushion.

    21. Some fake ivy for your walls.

    22. A light box you can write lil' messages in.

    23. This aesthetically pleasing bath mat.

    24. A slightly ~witchy~ tarot wall hanging.