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    21 Well-Reviewed Products Under £10 For If You've Got High Standards But A Low Budget

    Because perfectionists love saving money too, okay?

    1. This handy countertop tool will get your knives sharper (and safer to use as a result) in no time.

    2. If you like your makeup tools to give you a damn-near flawless beat, this kabuki brush might be for you. The bristles are so tightly packed that they'll apply your makeup really evenly (read: no patchy foundation).

    3. Save on a trip to the salon with this dybrow kit from Eyelure, which will tint your brows in a really natural-looking way.

    4. If your hands are a little - or even a lot - on the dry side, this cream from O'Keeffe's could help. Its non-greasy formula absorbs into your skin quickly, meaning its highly moisturising ingredients can get to work as quickly as possible.

    5. These noise-cancelling Betron earphones deliver crystal-clear sound and heavy bass, so they're perfect for when you want to listen to your fave playlist during your commute.

    6. Make sure your phone is visible on your dashboard while you're driving with this magnetic phone holder, which you can apply to almost any surface.

    7. This Maybelline mascara will add dimension, length, and fullness to your lashes without making them look clumpy or heavy.

    8. Treat your skin to this clay mask from L'Oréal, which will help to even out and smooth your skin without drying it.

    9. Heat up your food in no time with this microwaveable soup mug.

    10. This BOSH! cookbook is jam-packed with simple but tasty recipes, perfect for anyone who's trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet.

    11. Want to up your makeup game, or just add to your current collection? This highly-rated set of 16 brushes covers everything from concealer to fiddly eye looks, and customers say the bristles feel surprisingly luxurious.

    12. In dire need of a relaxing night in? Check out these adorable bath melts, which look AND smell incredible!

    13. This brightening concealer from Maybelline has a handy applicator that means you won't even have to whip out your brushes or sponge whenever you want to apply it.

    14. This mini dehumidifier doesn't require any batteries or electricity to work its magic, so you can live with less humidity without getting a higher electricity bill.

    15. If you've had your eye on some Burt's Bees lip balm for a while, now might be the time to try it (i.e. while the cold's still drying out everyone's lips. Ugh).

    16. This children's nonslip bathmat proves that practical things can be pretty, too!

    17. Brighten up your desk with this adorable Groot plant pot. I mean, just look at this thing!

    18. This microfibre fitted sheet will protect your mattress without that plastic-y feel other mattress protectors can have.

    19. This julienne peeler will cut your food into perfect, fine strips, no fuss needed.

    20. Speaking of cooking, these kitchen scales are incredibly precise!

    21. These pastel highlighters do the same job regular highlighters do, but prettier.