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    44 Cheap Home Products To Help You Feel Like You've Had Professionals In

    "What's the number of your cleaner, organiser, and interior designer?" – everyone to you after this post.

    1. Not only does this bamboo bath mat look super classy, it repels water too.

    2. I'm in love with this pack of four coasters.

    3. Make sure your liners don't leak by using this Bin Buddy powder.

    4. This shelf mirror looks so much more expensive than it actually is.

    5. This over-the-tap caddy will organise your sink for you.

    6. This snake-pattern velvet cushion cover is ssstunning.

    7. This mini dustpan and brush set will help you clean everything from your toaster to your windowsills.

    8. This porcelain teapot seems way too pretty to cost less than £15, but you know what? I'll take it.

    9. This cotton tablecloth is available in rose pink and slate grey.

    10. I can't believe I've lived without these genius drop-down hangers for so long.

    11. You'll smile every time you look at this strawberry-pattern fitted sheet.

    12. Nobody will guess that this sleek toilet roll holder 1) cost less than a tenner and 2) is completely self-adhesive.

    13. Everything about this tasselled velvet cushion screams luxe (except for its price, of course).

    14. These remote-controlled fairy curtain lights are gorgeous!

    15. This trinket dish looks incredibly glam.

    16. This gorgeous macramé lampshade will look stunning when the lights are on and when you switch them off.

    17. This round jute rug will help make your home feel like a resort.

    18. Touch up your grouting without whipping out the toolbox by using this easy-peasy antifungal pen instead.

    19. You can organise your stuff in the cutest way possible thanks to this canvas wall hanging.

    20. This Edison bulb will make a run-of-the-mill lamp look ~boutique~.

    21. These three planters are as pretty as they are inexpensive.

    22. You can finally get rid of that Dreaded Patch on your wall or ceiling by using this mould remover spray.

    23. How pretty is this patterned table runner?!

    24. Reseal the slightly ominous tap by your bath with this highly-rated waterproof sealant.

    25. This self-adhesive faux wood vinyl will make people think you bought a whole new dresser.

    26. This wall-mounted towel rack will make your bathroom so much more put-together.

    27. I adore how glam these stone salt and pepper bowls are.

    28. Transform your bathroom or kitchen backsplash with these stick-on tiles.

    29. This braided seagrass basket looks like it came straight from a fancy craft fair.

    30. This terracotta rug is made with 100% cotton!

    31. This jacquard-weave throw has a ~premium~ feel for a pretty low price.

    32. And this sloth rug is pretty inexpensive, too!

    33. This mango wood chopping board is pretty and practical.

    34. Clean your carpets the easy way with this powder that works its magic in about 20 minutes!

    35. Bring an element of elefun to your home with this ceramic watering jug.

    36. These satin pillowcases look ~luxe~ and are great for your hair, too!

    37. If you're looking for a fun planter, this cat-shaped one is purrfect.

    38. Transform your windows in no time with this stained glass-look film. It'll look extra glam in summer!

    39. This cedarwood-scented candle doubles as decor.

    40. These incense sticks look almost as good as they smell!

    41. I'd honestly believe this large soy wax candle was designer if I saw it IRL.

    42. You'd think this trio of mirrors would be really pricey, but uh, they are not.

    43. Nobody will suspect that this pair of artificial hanging vines cost less than £7.

    44. This ceramic serving dish is the perfect centrepiece for your table.