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    27 Bestselling Products On Amazon You Can Get Right Now For Under £20

    Including everything from great home products to brilliant beauty buys!

    Amazon has a handy list of all their best-selling products, where you can see the things people buy the most. We've gone through that list to find our fave products across multiple categories! FYI, bestsellers are liable to change on the site, but everything on this list fits the brief at time of publishing.

    1. This set of 16 brushes perform way beyond their price point – customers say the brushes are of an incredibly high quality.

    2. This HG mould remover spray will help to get rid of the Dreaded Patch on your walls, tiles, and grouting. Just spray it on, leave it to work its magic, and wipe it away to reveal a cleaner, fresher-looking surface underneath (how incredibly satisfying does that sound?).

    3. This lightning cable claims to charge your iPhone faster than a regular charger thanks to its copper centre, and the double-braided nylon cover means it's way less likely to fray or break. It's five metres long, too, which is enough to make sure you can still watch Netflix in your bed.

    4. Save on the salon sessions with this eyebrow dye kit, which will keep your brows tinted while remaining natural-looking.

    5. This cold-pressed vegan castor oil works wonders on your nails, hair, skin, and lashes.

    6. Just pop one of these hydrocolloid patches on any spots that have come to a head and they will help to extract all the gunk from them!

    7. These reusable makeup remover pads are made from bamboo fibres! As soon as you've used one, just wash it and wait for it to dry (don't worry, there are enough in this pack to keep you going while you wait), and they're good to go again. Um, better for your wallet and the planet? Yes, please.

    8. Keep your brows looking great with a pair of these tweezers, which are 1) made from rust-resistant stainless steel, 2) are incredibly precise, and 3) will set you back less than £4.

    9. Want to add more dimension to your 'do without the hassle? This texturising powder has got your back!

    10. This Bio-Oil claims to improve the appearance of everything from stretch marks to scars, and seeing as it's so highly-reviewed, it must be doing something right!

    11. This knife sharpener has over 7,580 reviews with a 4.4-star average rating! It's got a PowerGrip suction cup at the base which means it won't budge from your countertops or table when you're using it.

    12. Keep your dishwasher fresh with this bumper pack from Finish, which contains 90(!) incredibly effective tablets.

    13. These lil' razors work for shaping your brows and removing your peach fuzz, and the pack of six will last you ages as well.

    14. Help out your hair and skin while adding a touch of ~luxe~ to your room with a pair of these satin pillowcases! The material won't cause friction when you move, so it won't drag against your face or hair in your sleep. They're available in 11 different colours, too.

    15. This (low-key genius) cutlery drawer from Joseph Joseph solves some storage problems you probably didn't even realise you had. It takes up about a third of the space of a regular cutlery organiser, and the compartments are tilted to help you reach your knives and forks in the most convenient way possible.

    16. I mean, people obviously love a bargain – this pack of 30 condoms should, well, keep you going for a while, and it's actually pretty great value!

    17. This spray is packed full of calming scents that it claims will help you get to sleep faster (I'll take four, thanks).

    18. The battery compartments of these lights are shaped like a cork, so they'll fit perfectly into empty wine bottles without looking clunky and awkward.

    19. If you haven't already got on the Minecraft bandwagon, consider trying out this pocket version! it a fun, highly modifiable game that comes with a variety of skins and texture packs.

    20. This handy dehumidifier will help to keep your car fresh and free of excess moisture.

    21. This weatherproof blind-spot mirror is incredibly easy to apply, and it's got a 360° range of motion that means you'll be able to see more of your surroundings when you're driving. Not bad for less than a fiver!

    22. People are loving this recipe book from BOSH!, which is filled with simple and filling vegan meals.

    23. Ever wanted a peek into the life of a junior doctor? Yup, same. This Is Going To Hurt is written by someone who used to be one, and his first-hand experiences will give you a powerful insight into everything newly-qualified doctors face (and he somehow manages to maintain a sense of humour throughout).

    24. This face mask from L'Oréal contains an expert blend of three purifiying clays, and it'll work its clearing and smoothing magic in minutes!

    25. I LOVE these rose gold heart earrings, and it looks like other people do too!

    26. This fabric shaver from Philips will get rid of the bobbles on your clothes in minutes! There's an adjustable mesh shield that you can lower or heighten, depending on how close you want to get to the fabric. All the bobbles will be collected in an easy-to-open compartment in the handle, so you can just chuck it all in the bin when you're done.

    27. This pack of three pretty pens look great and write smoothly!

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