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    22 Bestselling Home Products People Are Loving On Amazon Right Now

    People actually have great taste.

    Amazon has a list of products called "Bestsellers" which is as you probably guessed a list of their best selling items! Here are some of the coolest and most useful household products we found on there:

    1. This incredibly small, incredibly handy coffee maker.

    2. Got loads of bobbles on your clothes? Try this handy fabric shaver, which literally shaves away that pesky pilling.

    3. These Silentnight Deep Sleep pillows are hypoallergenic, so they'll really help you catch some zzs.

    4. These washing bags mean you won't have to deal with your laundry spilling out on the floor when you take it from the machine. Don't worry, the water and soap will flow through it no problem!

    5. These liners by Simplehuman aren't visible when you close your bin lid, so no bits of bin bag will be peeking out.

    6. Pop this fabric dye in the wash with your clothes for an instant transformation!

    7. You just can't beat a good ol' Yankee Candle (unless maybe it's with a pack of 12 Yankee Candles.)

    8. This lil' knife sharpener sticks onto your countertops via a suction cup, so it won't move while you're using it.

    9. 'Tis the season for a giant, fluffy throw – this gorge fleecy one will definitely keep you toasty!

    10. Make mopping easy with this microfibre mop that has a spinning mechanism in the drain – you won't have to wait forever for this one to dry!

    11. This Thermos flask is big enough to hold soups, stews, or just a lot of coffee. it comes with an adorable spoon to boot!

    12. This portable fan heater is a great way to make your room more toasty.

    13. Food thermometers are a really handy addition to your kitchen – you can find out whether or not your food is cooked without having to slice it open!

    14. Fairy lights just make everything prettier – these ones give you 100 metres of great-looking lighting, and they work indoors and outdoors.

    15. A Russell Hobbs rice cooker and steamer will give you perfect rice every time.

    16. A squeegee is a cleaning staple, so it's no wonder this one has over 2,595 ratings with a 4.6-star average.

    17. Love to cook? Consider buying this Russell Hobbs handheld blender, which is absolutely perfect for soup season.

    18. This terrycloth mattress protector won't feel plastic-y or make noises when you move around on it.

    19. If you're into baking or cooking, some kitchen scales are a must! These ones have 3,379 reviews with a 4.5-star average.

    20. Breville toasted sandwich makers are amazing, and it looks like people know it.

    21. Get that slightly manky stain off your carpet with this carpet cleaner, which has its own easy applicator brush.

    22. People just really, really love these silicone food covers, which will protect your fruit and veg in the fridge (along with doing about a million other jobs!)