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    24 Reusable Products You'll Probably Enjoy Using Every Single Time

    These products don't tire out, and you'll never get tired of using them.

    1. These reusable kettle descalers will get rid of that annoying limescale buildup in minutes.

    2. If you love to cook but hate creating waste when you do so, this onion saver is perfect.

    3. This double-sided cleaning pad will clear your pots and pans of stains using only water.

    4. Aside from looking pretty adorable, this folding bag is low-waste too!

    5. If you're tired of paying the big bucks for laundry detergent (and let's face it, who isn't), this reusable laundry egg is ideal.

    6. Not only are these organic cotton produce bags a great low-waste replacement for the plastic ones you get in supermarkets, the material will actually allow your fruit and veg to breathe too.

    7. This makeup remover cloth requires only water to work its cosmetic-busting magic (imagine the satisfaction of swiping your eyeshadow away Mulan-style).

    8. This soap saver will help to prevent that incredibly wasteful and slimy stuck-to-the-sink problem you always get with bar soaps.

    9. This nail glass file looks better and lasts longer than regular emery boards, and it comes with a stunning case to boot!

    10. If you cook a lot at home, you've probably had your eye on some reusable silicone baking sheets for a while now. These ones are really highly-reviewed!

    11. These tumble dryer buddies will help your clothes dry faster and feel softer – in fact, they might even eliminate the need for fabric conditioner! Plus, how sweet do these guys look?!

    12. This knife sharpener will get your blades feeling as good as new in no time (and let's be honest here, swiping your knives through its buffer sounds really fun).

    13. These recyclable, Oral-B compatible toothbrush heads contain tooth-whitening charcoal in their bristles.

    14. Sure, you could wipe your oven and hob down with paper towels every time you leave a mess on them, but why would you when these specially-designed hob cleaner cloths exist?

    15. These oven liners are incredibly useful and completely reusable – just pop them in the dishwasher or wash them in the sink when they get a bit grubby!

    16. This mini funnel is completely collapsible, so it won't take up much space when it's not in use. Also, you can tell me you wouldn't find popping it out to its full size and then pressing it back down into a disc incredibly fun, but I won't believe you.

    17. This microwave rice cooker will deliver perfectly fluffy grains in minutes.

    18. I cannot stop thinking about this incredible timer that changes colour according to how cooked your eggs are.

    19. This microwave cleaner looks adorable AND works really well. What's not to love?!

    20. I don't know if you've noticed, but these silicone egg poachers do in fact look like cracked shell halves.

    21. Okay, hear me out here – this ear wax removal syringe has actually gotten some rave reviews and won't push the wax further into your ear like cotton buds can!

    22. These reusable bamboo kitchen towels are incredibly strong. They can be washed in the sink or washing machine after use!

    23. These reusable silicone cupcake cases are honestly an upgrade from the regular paper kinds.

    24. This handy battery checker means you can see how much juice is left in your batteries, so you only end up throwing the completely empty ones away.

    You to these products every time you use them:

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