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    52 Gifts That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This March

    And yes, you *can* "accidentally" forward this to everyone you know.

    1. Nab yourself five stunning succulents and five cute cacti with this handy set.

    2. Love puzzles? You'll adore this labyrinth in a box!

    3. Make the most relaxing part of your day even *better* with these bath pearls.

    4. If you wanted something you'll actually *use*, this vacuum-sealed double-walled Contigo flask is a great way to keep your hot drinks hot on the go.

    5. Hydrate your skin from the inside out with this hyaluronic acid serum from The Inkey List.

    6. Relieve some tension with this massager ball. It's small enough to carry around in your handbag!

    7. Good brushes make it easy to apply your makeup flawlessly, so it's a good thing this inexpensive set is so highly-rated!

    8. Change the colour of your favourite tipple with this gin-infusing set.

    9. Sorry, but if you knew this Polaroid Lab camera existed and didn't tell me about it, we're no longer friends. It'll print pictures from your phone onto Polaroid sheets!

    10. This unsolved mystery is ideal for armchair detectives.

    11. Record your fave recipes in this Moleskine journal.

    12. If I ever seem distracted, it's probably because I'm thinking about this robot-shaped tea infuser.

    13. Upgrade your WFH setup with this cassette-shaped pencil holder.

    14. Batman fans will LOSE IT over this incredible rubber duck.

    15. And if Star Wars is more your jam, this 'captain's log' notebook is pretty much perfect.

    16. This extensive art kit contains everything you'll need to get started, including colouring pencils and a sketchpad.

    17. Don't mind me, just drooling over this extensive chocolate lover's gift box that contains a whopping 19 bars.

    18. Socks are a classic gift for a reason – they're the perfect mix of cute and useful! These artsy pairs are perfect for *creatives*.

    19. This Drumshanbo Irish gin mixes really well in cocktails AND tastes absolutely incredible on its own.

    20. Stationery fiends (i.e. me) will love this bic gift box.

    21. Make your special day especially sweet with these marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombes.

    22. Your broken ceramic objects will look even better than they did before when you use this kintsugi repair kit on them!

    23. These Jane Austen-themed tarot cards have no right to be as beautiful as they are.

    24. This set of six candy-coloured gel nail polishes is perfect for spring.

    25. You'll feel incredibly ~fancy~ every time you use this jade roller! It comes with a smooth scraping tool too.

    26. Reviewers can't get enough of Garnier's chamomile-infused 'Moisture Bomb' sheet mask.

    27. These Himalayan salt tealight holders will give you really soft, natural-looking light, and they're heavy enough that they won't budge or fall too.

    28. These bath bombs come in a beautiful gift-wrapped box, and the scents include lavender, rose, and lemon.

    29. This 2022 almanac is filled with seasonal recipes, useful facts, and stunning illustrations! It's ideal for gardeners, home cooks, or anyone who loves the outdoors.

    30. This dip-glazed mug is about to be your new favourite cup.

    31. You'll have a whale of a time with this measuring spoon set.

    32. These collagen eye masks can help to de-puff and brighten your skin (plus, they look incredible).

    33. You can customise this stellar phone case with your name (or whatever other message you like).

    34. Treat yourself to this gourmet chocolate pizza.

    35. Want to be truly surprised on your big day? This W7 mystery cosmetics box has seriously impressed reviewers!

    36. I love the fun shades of this ridiculously highly-rated NYX eyeshadow palette!

    37. If you've been meaning to give calligraphy a go for a while now, this beginner-friendly set is ideal!

    38. The flames of these incredible birthday cake candles match the colour of the wax underneath (I know, right?).

    39. This gnocchi-making kit is just *chef's kiss*.

    40. Keep your room smelling fresh with this colour-changing essential oil diffuser.

    41. This personalised milk chocolate bar will have your name written all over it (literally).

    42. Turn your bath into a disco with this fully submergible light.


    43. Change up your usual home exercise routine with these yoga cards.

    44. Preserve some gorgeous spring blooms with this flower press.

    45. This personalised poster will show you what the night sky looked like on the day you were born!

    46. You'll be over the moon with this celestial tapestry.

    47. This gorgeous gold-plated necklace contains a real pressed flower.

    48. I honestly can't think of anything more soothing than watching Netflix with this 4kg weighted blanket over my lap.

    49. This wholesome kit contains everything you'll need to propagate avocado seeds, proving there IS such a thing as a free lunch.

    50. This 'spa day in a box' pamper kit really does live up to its name! The pack includes rosé wine, some pretty body scrub, and gelatine-free sweets.

    51. This one-litre hot water bottle has an adorable sloth-shaped cover.

    52. Movie buffs might just lose it over this scratch-off movie poster that offers 100 iconic film recommendations!