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    55 Cute And Random Things You Can Get For Under £5

    Cheap and cute? Yes, please.

    1. These pastel highlighters are just as effective as the regular kind, but way cuter.

    2. These freshwater pearl earrings have a sterling silver backing.

    3. This highly-rated Hermione pin is spellbinding.

    4. This shark-shaped tea infuser is jawsome.

    5. I just think it's important for you to know that this shiba inu pillow exists.

    6. Keep your hair out of your face while you're doing your skincare or applying makeup with this gorgeous headband!

    7. I find this novelty sock set highly ameowsing.

    8. Sorry, but any complaints you have about this adorable coin purse are irrelephant.

    9. This jewellery holder is seriously handy.

    10. I mean, just look at these cat coasters.

    11. Tell me you don't relate to the sleepy cat in this pack of miniature ornamental kittens.

    12. This sloth-shaped car freshener smells like strawberries.

    13. I love these heart-shaped stud earrings!

    14. This adorable eraser won't leave you with a big bill.

    15. This pack of three clay masks is perfect for relaxing nights in.

    16. Treat your hair to this nourishing mask.

    17. This mermaid nail polish is fintastic.

    18. These light and wispy lashes will look super soft and natural.

    19. This brush set gives you everything you need to perfect your eye makeup.

    20. Brighten up your desk with this Groot pot!

    21. These simple ornaments are actually stunning.

    22. This drawstring makeup bag lets you see everything that's in there at a glance when it's open, so you won't have to spend ages looking for that one eyeliner.

    23. This Totoro-shaped toothbrush holder has suction cups at the back for easy installation!

    24. These cat spoons just want to hang out.

    25. This lip scrub is mango-flavoured and super effective at keeping your lips soft.

    26. This vegan rose water works as a great-smelling toner.

    27. This beeswax paper works as a kind of reusable and eco-friendly tinfoil that fits over pots, bowls, and food.

    28. This Korean sheet mask has no right to be as cute as it is.

    29. This date night decider will plan romantic nights for you with the spin of an arrow.

    30. This seat belt pad is perfect for kids, because it stops the strap digging into their collarbone (also, how cute is this thing?!). It's universal, and you can choose from eight super cute designs!

    31. These fibre-tip pens give great colour payoff.

    32. These memo pads are unbeleafable.

    33. This bee-autiful notebook will leave you buzzing.

    34. This pack of five elephant-shaped tea lights looks incredibly sweet.

    35. These bath and toilet mats both have a non-slip backing, and the bubble design is cute AF!

    36. This pink Airpod case will protect your earphones in the prettiest way possible.

    37. This reusable fold-up bag turns into a lil' fox head when you're not using it.

    38. This cat litter scoop stands up on its own for easy storage.

    39. How gorge is this cactus lamp?!

    40. These battery-operated bubble fairy lights will add some serious glam to your room.

    41. Just add water to this sloth toy and watch him grow!

    42. Clean the grooves in your windowsill with this slim brush.

    43. These cotton bags are designed to hold your pads and tampons in a cute and subtle way.

    44. These cat pens are purrfect.

    45. These double-sided eyeglass cleaners tackle both sides of your specs at once!

    46. This magnetic bookmark looks (and I cannot stress this enough) like a biscuit.

    47. These pearl-look clips will upgrade your ~lewk~ in the most low-effort way possible.

    48. Could this cushion cover bee any cuter?

    49. This Elmo-shaped cable cover protects your wires from fraying near USB and charger ports!

    50. This Rimmel x Kate Moss lipstick is available in five different shades.

    51. Add your fave photo to this frame!

    52. This toothbrush holder has a mini suction cup on the back for easy and hygienic storage.

    53. Keep your brain sharp with this puzzle cube.

    54. Squeeze this pea pod when you're stressed.

    55. This pack of three pens is incredibly high koalaty.

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