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    Just 33 Ridiculously Cute Things You Can Buy For £3 Or Less

    The only thing better than a bargain is a cute bargain.

    1. I relate deeply to this brooch.

    2. These watercolour pens are out of this world.

    3. Stop what you're doing and look at these panda memo stickers!

    4. These lil' cactus-pattern case for your pencils or makeup are simply too cute.

    5. One of these plush panda babies will stick to any magnetic surface.

    6. This keyring is insanely fluffy.

    7. This puggage tag will protect your bags. It is his calling.

    8. Save the planet (but make it fashion) with this reusable grocery bag that folds up into a strawberry shape whenn it's not in use.

    9. Look at these adorable unicorn tweezers.

    10. This small cosmetics pouch is unBEARably sweet!

    11. Check out this witch's brew brooch!

    12. This set of pens gets a 10/10 from me.

    13. We love this foxy sleeping mask!

    14. This lil' lady wants us to know it's spelled G-L-A-M-O-U-R, and we should all probably look it up sometime x

    15. Behold the fluffiness, the comfort, the supreme cosiness of these adorable socks.

    16. You won't BEE able to resist this brooch!

    17. Protect your hair from makeup during your beauty routine with one of these microfibre headbands!

    18. These sweet cat spoons will hang onto the side of your mug!

    19. This flower pot is just the BEST.

    20. These little pink fairy lights would look amazing in a jar or bottle!

    21. Honestly just LOOK at these elephant night lights!

    22. This chew toy will help to keep your dog's teeth clean.

    23. These nail files are shaped like lil' dogs(!).

    24. You can store your Oyster card in this pink card wallet.

    25. Or, if you've got more to store, this stunning purse will do the job!

    26. You can tell me you don't think these mini highlighters are adorable, but I won't believe you.

    27. Secure letters to your fridge in style with these mini cactus magnets.

    28. Get the most out of your tube of toothpaste with this squeezer!

    29. This weekly planner is incredibly cute.

    30. This adorable headband is a serious bargain!

    31. These earrings are shaped like little goldfish bags and I'm in love.

    32. This lil' burger Airpod case will keep your earphones safe!

    33. This ceramic holder will let you store your toothbrush in style without taking up much space.

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