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The 25 Worst Things About Being A Graphic Designer Today

The road to good design is riddled with little annoyances.

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1. Buying a computer is the least of any design student's concerns.


Get used to carrying around all this stuff on a daily basis. And buying more supplies each time something runs out. Which is like, all the time.

2. You have to stand up in front of the class and let people pick apart the thing you spent 10 hours on the night before.


That's a lot to take for a budding insomniac who also had to draw 100 different thumbnails for the next class.


5. After you graduate, you realize it's not as easy to find a job as you thought.

There are tons of designers on your level competing for all the same jobs as you. Congratulations! You're not special!


13. To make matters even worse, some people devalue the entire creative community by doing things like THIS:

17. Everyone raves about Helvetica like it’s the best creation known to man, and that's only because it’s one of the only good fonts every non-designer knows.


18. You spend all your earnings on books you will never read and products you will never use, just because of the irresistible packaging.

22. The last time you bought new software was when you were in school, because you could only afford it with your student discount.



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