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13 Opinions You'll Only Have If You're Addicted To Coffee

The coffee addict lifestyle is so real.

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3. As coffee addicts, we pump that miraculous elixir into our blood, pretending we're not still totally exhausted as it courses through our veins. We are, though. We are.

6. I mean, the peak moment of a coffee addict's morning — no, DAY — is when those first delicious sips hit your tongue, and the endorphins reassure you that you can, in fact, get through this stupid Tuesday.


10. Even seeing someone prepare their coffee in a way you'd never dream of irrationally upsets you. You are a connoisseur. Who are they?! No one, that's who!

12. And because you love coffee so much, you'll take the side effects that come with it. Only a freakin' medical professional could keep you away from your true love.


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