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    17 Things That Are Secretly Satisfying If You're Old At Heart

    It just feels so good.

    1. Eating your food really, really slowly.

    2. Shamelessly taking a mid-day nap.

    3. Finding a store that recycles plastic bags, because you're a plastic bag hoarder.

    4. Opening up a brand new one of these bad boys.

    5. Finding a whole bunch of stamps in a drawer after you thought you ran out.

    6. Organizing your pills in one of these.

    7. Actually saving a lot of money from all the coupons you painstakingly clipped.

    8. Wearing shoes you don't have to tie, and pants that stretch.

    9. Wrapping a present with wrapping paper you saved from another gift.

    10. Making plans with yourself to go to CVS.

    11. Spending a day going to garage sales and finding some legitimately cool things.

    12. Falling asleep in a pitch-black, silent room...

    13. ...and having the most comfortable sleep of your life because you're supported by, like, ten pillows.

    14. Sending and receiving greeting cards, and never throwing out the ones you get.

    15. Complaining about your ailments.

    16. Getting home and firing up your heating pad.

    17. Keeping every receipt until the end of time.

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