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    17 Things That Make A Designer's Life A Living Hell

    Papyrus is our kryptonite.

    1. When someone's pointing something out on your computer and they TOUCH YOUR SCREEN.

    Deedle-Dee Productions / NBC / Via

    2. Being asked to "whip something up real quick"...

    Carsey-Werner Company / Via

    3. ...Or being told "This shouldn't take too long."

    True Entertainment / Via

    4. Seeing the word "font" used interchangeably with "typeface."

    Pixar / Disney

    5. Being asked to design something for free, or "for experience" or "exposure."

    Ryan Murphy Productions

    6. Seeing people offer up $5 logo designs.

    Frederator Studios / Via

    7. When someone hovers over your shoulder while you work.

    Paramount Pictures

    8. Seeing so many businesses use Papyrus because it looks "rustic."

    Warner Bros. Television

    9. Being asked to make edits on a .PNG or .JPG.

    Paramount Domestic Television

    10. When people compare Photoshop and Illustrator, as if one is somehow better than the other.

    Heel & Toe Films / Via

    11. When you tell someone you're a designer and they're like, "Oh, really? You must just have fun all day!"

    Robert Wise Productions

    12. Or when you tell someone you're a designer and they're immediately like, "Oh, really? You should design a t-shirt for me!"

    Cash Money Records Inc. / Via

    13. Especially when that person is someone you just met.

    BMP / Via

    14. Bad kerning. WHY?!!!

    Twentieth Century Fox

    15. Stretched or skewed type.

    Kaling International

    16. When someone tells you they want something to "pop."

    Warner Bros. Television / Via



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