14 Reasons Why Periods Were Created By The Devil Himself

    Having your period is like having an exorcism.

    1. When you have your period, it feels like the fires of hell are raging inside you. Anyone with a period would agree.

    2. And you can't even fully explain it to other people, even people who understand! You just have to grin and bear it! IT'S HORRIBLE.

    3. When you're on your period and have to go to work, you can't even explain why you're running late. It's embarrassing and terrible and deserves its own circle in Hell!

    4. And the emotions...THEY COME OUT OF NOWHERE. Even if you think your period might be coming soon, THE PMS IS STILL SOMEHOW SURPRISING!!!

    5. Any tiny little thing sets you off and scars you for the rest of the day because you're emotional and fragile and angry and sad and when will this end????

    6. Your period makes you eat anything you can get your hands on. IT'S NOT JUST A FUNNY THING PEOPLE SAY!! IT'S REALLY TRUE!!!

    7. The grocery store is a confusing place on your period. You go there to buy dinner and end up getting 10 packages of Oreos. It's awful and great all at once!!!

    8. Every time you think your period is going to be okay, it's worse than you ever could have imagined. The Second Day Demon laughs at you while you cry!!!

    9. Menstrual products aren't even that easy to use sometimes, and they probably do it on purpose because they want to spite you!

    10. You can't just live your life, you have to remember to change your pad or tampon or empty your menstrual cup while also living your daily life and acting like none of this is happening!! WTF!

    11. And you have that constant paranoia that you've stained your pants when really nothing is actually there. It's so fun!

    12. Speaking of pants, you can only wear black when you're heavily bleeding because honestly, who knows what's going to happen! Your period could randomly decide to go all over the place! No fabric is safe!!!

    13. The period spirit possesses you and drastically changes your emotions every few minutes. You have no control over it whatsoever!

    14. So when you're having your period, just remember, we're all in this hell together!!