• ag3918

      Met this guy through a dating website and we emailed back and forth for a bit before things progressed to texting and talking on the phone. He seemed like a really nice guy and not creepy at all (despite a 12-year age difference), so we decided to meet up at one of those chain restaurants for happy hour after work. The night started out great, but he went from being a nice adorkable guy to The Creeper…as the conversation progressed, he started rubbing the back of my neck. Then my lower back. Then got fresh and was rubbing my knee. I wasn’t reciprocating at all and kept edging my seat away because I was uncomfortable, but he seemed completely oblivious to it and kept going. The check finally comes, he pays (despite my offering to split it), and he insists on walking me to my car (despite it being 50 feet from the place). We’re at my car and he tries to kiss me (I gave him cheek), then he’s stalling and talking about how much fun he had with me when he says, “Thanks for coming out tonight, I had a really good time. You’re a really cheap date!” I froze. I get it, we went to a cheap restaurant during happy hour, so I understood the logic behind his statement, but still. I said something like “Oh, thanks” and he must’ve realized that I was insulted because he quickly back-tracked and said, “Oh, no no no, I didn’t mean it like that! I’m sure you could be a really expensive date if you wanted to be!” I mentally face-palmed. Then he had the nerve to try and kiss me again! #byeforever

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