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17 Unusual Things That You May Witness On A Construction Site

There are a lot of bizarre things that can happen on a construction site that can amaze and amuse you.

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1. At least one person who is going to do something incredibly stupid.


Pushing a wheelbarrow over a tiny unstable ramp is not the brightest thing you can do.

2. But there is also that clumsy guy who is inevitably going to hurt himself.


Tim Allen did that a lot in "Home Improvement"

3. You may witness a Formula 1 pit stop right in front of your eyes.



4. A shootout may ensue at any moment.


Russians. Again.

5. Someone is going to do something REALLY, REALLY, REALLY crazy to amuse the others.


Wonder what would have happen if the strap was to tear.

6. One of workers would show incredible skills

He can even switch off the lights from the other end of the room.


7. ... And of course, there is that guy who tries to replicate the stunts, but fails miserably.


Mind you he could have pick someone's eye out

8. Some people have no idea how to handle power tools.


Oh, crap!

9. ... while others have no idea how to drive forklift.


Millions in property damage. The look on the supervisors face - priceless.

10. No matter what one guy will show his dance moves


Shovel Hero, anyone? Oh, come on that was a good joke

11. You can witness incredible unity, teamwork and cooperation

12. One person will forgot to put something on.


Think that this blow to the head is going to serve as reminder from now on

13. On a construction site everything that goes up, falls down. Especially, if launched from a pipe!

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Giddy Up, Pipey!

14. One worker who will barely escape the collapsing wall.


Y U Do It Like This?

15. ...and one who will be taken out by a collapsing roof.


Y U Do It Like This, again?

16. Some workers are performing physics-defying feats.


Impressive. I've counted 22.

17. While others will work and relax in the same time


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