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    9 Common Misconceptions About AFSOC

    We all make mistakes, but here's some facts to clear up the confusion.

    1. Everyone in AFSOC is a Special Tactics Airman.

    2. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape and AFSOC

    3. It's practically impossible to make it through the Combat Controller pipeline.

    4. Every Air Commando is male.

    5. Making it through the Special Tactics training depends completely on a candidate's physical strength.

    6. We only perform maintenance on aircraft.

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    Air Force Special Operations Command / Via YouTube

    People are our greatest asset, and we treat them as such. Preservation of the Force and Famiy is an initiative we use to make sure that we, as a command, create an environment for our Airmen and families to thrive.

    7. Our only mission is to kill bad guys.

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    AFSOC Public Affairs / Via YouTube

    Actually AFSOC also has a very important humanitarian mission.

    8. AFSOC professionals all have beards and tattoos.

    9. There are a lot of people in Air Force Special Operations Command.